December 5th 2021 Update

I completed the first edit of Talyn: Rebirth this week, and found that it didn’t need quite as heavy of edits as I expected. I don’t think it’s my best book, but it isn’t bad. I’ve sent it off to my alpha readers, and put in an inquiry with an editor. The main thing I’m waiting on now is the cover art, which is in-progress. Hopefully this will all go smoothly, and I’ll be able to get Soul Bound 2 out.

In any case, since there isn’t much else to talk about regarding that, we’re just waiting on things, I wanted to share the art I mentioned last week! I got back artwork from Mansik Yang that I commissioned for the next Through the Fire book, which I’m planning to call Obelisk of Blood. I’m not entirely sure where it’ll fit on the schedule, but I’m looking forward to it, and hope you like it! The cover will be the right-most section, with Korima and Ruethwyn.

8 thoughts on “December 5th 2021 Update

  1. I really like that artwork, and since you have all that, can you PLEASE use this to also make the audiobook cover so that it’s a full image with everything on the book cover, plus more since it’s square image rather than a rectangle? I ALWAYS hate it when the audiobook cover is just a zoomed in shot of the book cover, I don’t want a cropped image for the audiobok, I want a larger, even better, image!

    (If all your books have ‘extra’ art like this beyond what was used for the book covers…could you at least provide those expand images and book covers at equal zoom levels so that I can manually paste them together to get better, proper, audiobook covers?!?)

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  2. I think this is the first book I’ve commissioned that started as a landscape piece… no, the first version of Chosen of Chaos was as well. I’d almost forgotten about that. Anyway, this one was commissioned as it is so that it would work for a ‘full-wrap’ cover, so it can wrap from the front cover of a paperback around to the rear cover. It WILL be cut down to just the right section for the ebook, and with the audiobook… well, a lot will depend on how I go about getting the audio produced. Originally I went through Tantor, and they handled everything, so I wouldn’t have much choice. If I handle it, it’ll be cropped somewhat, but just enough to be a perfect square.

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  3. Oh good! And I found the Chosen of Chaos landscape ( Unfortunately, the landscape you provided there is of a lesser vertical resolution than the cover, so I can’t just neatly lay the cover on top of the landscape and cut out a perfect square audiobook cover! :'( Could you please provide the landscape at 1000 pixels in height (or greater, if you can match the cover to that vertical size as well)?!?

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  4. Why did I do that…?

    Ah, of course. The landscape version is exactly 1/4 resolution, while I standardize all of my uploaded covers for my website to 1,000 pixels tall, these days. I can’t just automatically replace all the versions of it, so here’s a link to the 1k version. This isn’t something I’m going to do often, mind you! But it only took a minute, so not a huge deal:

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