These are pieces which I’ve commissioned from different artists.


Sistina, by Jackie Felix

I’m sure you’ll all recognize the cover of Ancient Ruins. While not quite how I imagined Sistina, it works rather well regardless. This was commissioned as a Christmas present from my wife in late 2016, and I actually had no idea it was going to be good enough to use for my cover. In all honesty, the previous cover idea would’ve sucked horribly.


Princess Phynis Constella, by Jackie Felix

I commissioned this picture of Phynis Constella as soon as I realized there was a decent demand for Ancient Ruins, but before it really exploded. This is being used for the cover of Spells of Old. I rather like it as a whole, and love Jackie’s interpretation of the cover for Halls of Power.


The goddess Tyria, by Jackie Felix

This was a difficult piece, mostly because I was quite demanding on it. I had what I wanted, and budged very little. If you read this, sorry, Jackie! I just wanted it right. I love the final version, though, and jealously guard my high-res versions of it.

World Tree by Jackiefelixart

The World Tree of the Eternal Wood, by Jackie Felix

Mouthful of a name, isn’t it? This is because I have two different world trees from different settings, and this is the one from before the Godsrage. The tree is in the neighborhood of 5 miles (8 km) tall, just to give a sense of perspective.

sistina portrait by indymbras

This is a picture of Sistina, by IndyMBras. I like the picture as a whole, even if it doesn’t quite get across the elegance that I personally view Sistina as having. But nothing matches my imagination, hmm?


This art is by Brendon and Brian Fraim, and is the cover art for the book Born a Queen, that as of this writing will be releasing in October of 2017. I really like it, but I have no clue if I’ll be able to get them to do the art for later books. I hope I will!


Myrleena, by NanoTheFierce

This is a picture for a character I played originally in 3.5 Dungeons & Dragons. Her name is Myrleena, and she is one of my most beloved characters of all time. I don’t think she’ll be in any of my stories, but she’s important despite all of that.


Jacqueline Heartreaver, by Michelle Hoefener

This piece has no story as of yet. Jacqueline is one of what I fondly refer to as my ‘ultra-villains’. She is a supremely powerful sorceress who is also amoral in the fantasy world I’ve worked on the longest, and I’m not sure that in writing I could do her justice. I’m mulling over story ideas for her, but for present, it’s just art.


Anar & Noctis, by White-Anemone

This was a piece I commissioned for Sisters of Radiance. Unfortunately, it did not turn out how I wanted it, so this will remain unused. I know that I didn’t give nearly good enough feedback, and misinterpreted the sketch, which is what really killed the picture. AKA: It was entirely my fault I didn’t correct the artist. It was a learning experience for me, but I appreciate the artist’s effort.

Lady Anar Low Res

Lady Anar, by IndyMBras

This is Lady Anar, one of the lead characters of the eventual novel Sisters of Radiance, one of a demon-descended species called the derran. This piece was largely concept art to try to get her appearance right for an eventual art piece, and I quite like it.

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