LS Omnibus Volume 1

Lilith’s Shadow Omnibus Volume 1 (Kindle Format January 2022)

Lilith’s Shadow Omnibus Volume 1 (Paperback Format January 2022)

Lilith’s Shadow Omnibus Volume 1 Audiobook (TBA)


This book is a collection of the first through third books of the Lilith’s Shadow series: Born a QueenDown with the Queen, and Queen’s Move.

Lilith wasn’t meant to be a person.

Created by the supervillain Shadowmind, Lilith was intended to be little more than a replacement body. Yet a rare bout of curiosity led to Lilith being allowed to be born as an individual. With Shadowmind captured and imprisoned by heroes, Lilith is able to chart her own course as she attempts to build a life for herself.

Yet her life isn’t fated to be easy or safe. With a death sentence hanging over her head and the cloud of Shadowmind’s reputation, Lilith is the target of heroes and villains alike. However, when she meets some of those superheroines who felled Shadowmind, a new emotion begins to burn within her. She never imagined that she might find love.