Phoenix Ascendant

Phoenix Ascendant (Kindle Format May 2022) Book 2

Phoenix Ascendant (Paperback Format May 2022) Book 2

Phoenix Ascendant (Hardcover Format May 2022) Book 2

Phoenix Ascendant (Audiobook Format TBA) Book 2


Danger lurks in Nocturne’s shadows.

Xandra has reached Nocturne, the realm of the fey who’ve invaded Loth, yet it is only the first step. She’s accompanied by Jasmine, a high priestess who inspires feelings she wishes she could ignore. Now they have to find those responsible, and determine why Loth was attacked.

Yet Nocturne is a dangerous place, and it will take everything Xandra has to protect Jasmine. Xandra hasn’t come this far to lay down and die, and anyone wanting to kill Jasmine will learn how she destroyed four armies in her youth.