Sting & Song

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Sting & Song (Kindle Format August 2019) Book One

Sting & Song (Paperback Format August 2019) Book One

Sting & Song (Audiobook Format November 2019) Book One


What happens when the god of chaos wins a divine poker game?

The life of a giant bee is a simple one. The life of a giant bee when her queen turns the entire hive into human-like apis to fend off an attack? That’s a good deal more complicated.

Getting down from a 50-foot giant rose without wings, while surviving the attacks of malevolent wasps is just a start. Surviving long enough to figure out what to do with her new life proves to be something of a challenge, but at least that much is understandable.

Of course, that’s when she gets sucked into the tangled web of an ambitious demon lord who’s threatening to plunge the world into a war.

The only question is, are the gods done with her yet?