Touching Divinity

This is a short story about a romance between a demon queen and a young elven mage who is more than she appears to be.

Touching Divinity Cover LR

Touching Divinity (eBook Format March 2019)

Touching Divinity Audiobook (March 2019)


Siane has dreamed of attaining the dark queen Callai’s hand for most of her life. Callai is a mystery, and she holds many secrets, some of which involve Siane herself.

Centuries ago the goddess of light was defeated by Callai and the other demon lords, who split the world between themselves to rule. Siane grew up in the Dominion of Shadow, and from an early age she dreamed of becoming Callai’s consort. Fortune favored her, and she managed to become one of the handful of students and potential suitors of the queen who resided in the Palace of Shadow.

When she’d given the opportunity to impress Callai and have some time alone with her, Siane jumps at the opportunity. Little does she know that Callai has her own motives, and secrets which are entwined with Siane’s past as well.

Note: This is a short story, not a full-length novel.