Stars & Shadows: A Superhuman ‘verse

This is my universe with superhumans, superpowers, and villains. I’m still putting things together, so bear with me. The ‘current’ year in the setting is in the 2030s, as I don’t intend to write any earlier in the timeline, but I’m not wedded to that. There are currently two stories set in the ‘verse, listed below.

A Date Gone Awry: This is a short story, set in a town that could fit in almost anywhere in the United States, because I didn’t really want to bother focusing on that. The main character is, most unusually for me, male, and it’s about him and his date.

Born a Queen: A novel in-progress at the present time (May 2017), this story is about the bio-engineered creation of a villain who finds herself alone in the world, and her search for her place in it. She moves to San Francisco, and finds herself involved with those who took down her creator, as well as other villains lurking in the shadows. At present, only an early-draft sample of the story is available.