Stars & Shadows Art

These are the art pieces I’ve commissioned for the Stars & Shadows universe, particularly for the series Lilith’s Shadow.

Born A Queen LR by June Jenssen

These two pictures are by June Jenssen, and they’re the covers of Born a Queen and Down with the Queen respectively. The pictures depict four individuals, Lilith and Warden in the first, then those two as well as Morgan and Sky Defender in the second. I love both pictures, and am looking forward to adding more in the future.

This cover was created by Alinery, who picked up the cover when June Jenssen had to cancel unexpectedly on me.

By Mario Wibisono
Illustrated by Mario Wibisono

These pieces are covers of Queen’s Move, Queen of Diamonds, Queen’s Journey, Queen’s Gambit and the two omnibus covers for Lilith’s Shadow by Mario Wibisono!


This was the original cover of Born a Queen, created by the Fraim Brothers, and it suffers slightly from a lack of direction from me, as well as being ordered well before I revised Born a Queen in a major re-write for publication. It’s a nice piece, but not ideal as a novel cover.

Blooming Orchid Captioned

Here we have art of Blooming Orchid, illustrated by Alinery! This art was funded and voted on by my patrons on Patreon, and I’m very happy with how it turned out!

Shadowmind Captioned

Here we have two Patron-funded art pieces, this time of Shadowmind and Spark! These were painted by Crystal Rain, and I love how they turned out!

Also by Crystal Rain, we have artwork of Archon and Lilith that I commissioned for Halloween in 2021! This is supposed to be based on the scene from Queen’s Journey.

Destiny by TAOArt
Destiny by YanaiDraws

These two pieces are versions of Destiny, drawn by TAOArt and YanaiDraws, both of which were funded by my patrons!

Alas, that’s it for art for Stars & Shadows, at least for now.