Mantles of Power Omnibus

Mantles of Power Omnibus (Kindle Format November 2020)

Mantles of Power Omnibus (Paperback Format November 2020)

Mantles of Power Omnibus (Audiobook Format TBA)


This is a collection of the books Heaven’s FallenMortal Gods, and Hell’s Ascendant.

Fallen, but not defeated.

Betrayed by those she trusted, Isalla was cast down from the heavens and into the heart of the hells. Bereft of her wings, the angel was rescued by Kanae, a demoness who challenges Isalla’s belief of what demons should be. She has little choice but to accept Kanae’s help, with as far from her homeland as she is, and slowly she begins to understand, then even admire Kanae.

Unfortunately, the forces in the shadows have not forgotten Isalla, and they are willing to target anyone close to her, no matter how highly placed they may be. As their long reach threatens to snuff out Isalla’s life, Kanae proves a stalwart ally, and willing to face any danger beside her.

It’s an immense surprise to Isalla that in the depths of the hells she can find hope, allies, and possibly even love.

Torn from her friends, Kitania is captured by a goddess. She can only hope that her friends have survived.

Torn from the sides of her friends by angelic magic, Kitania finds herself in the mortal world once more, among those who suspect she’s a demon assassin or spy. Though most of those suspicions quickly subside, she finds herself drawn into the elven court’s intrigue and is powerless to act against those who sent her there.

Meanwhile, Isalla and Rose are waiting for word of their lost friend, even as they begin gathering more hints of what those who betrayed them are scheming. Yet as the two groups come closer to reuniting, the plots of their enemies are progressing, and despite their experiences they’ve underestimated the lengths to which the conspiracy will go for victory.

The heavens are about to explode.

Reunited at last, Isalla, Kitania, and Rose survived the machinations of Haral despite the odds against them. They’ve won one battle. Now they have to avert a war, racing the clock to unveil their enemies.

The Society of the Golden Dawn has not been idle; the conspirators have begun to move more quickly. The plans they’ve set in motion are more deadly than anyone might fear, and all three worlds are in peril. Isalla, Kitania, and Rose have gained many allies over the course of their journey, but can they defeat the forces following the mysterious Lord of Light?