November 18th 2018 Update

First off, for all of you who read and left reviews on Queen of Ice, thank you very much! Reviews help me immensely, so every one of them helps. I hope those of you who’re working on the book enjoy it, much as I hope anyone who reads my books enjoy them. As for The Obsidian Palace, […]

November 11th 2018 Update

Queen of Ice is released tomorrow, at least from my perspective. I know that there are plenty of time travelers who live in the future, so I can’t be sure when it’s finally been released. I’m excited to see it go out, as I’ve been quite deliberately suppressing my urges to talk about it for […]

TAF Audio, TOP Pre-Order, & Art

So, things have been happening, and stuff has been coming in! I’ve uploaded the final version of Queen of Ice for Monday’s release, and I’ve also been getting the paperback ready for publication. As an aside, which I’ll reiterate on Monday, Amazon has changed their print-on-demand software, so the spine font is likely going to be […]

November 4th 2018 Update

Queen of Ice releases a week from tomorrow, which I’m excited for, and The Obsidian Palace is coming along well. How well? Currently it’s at over 38,000 words, and I’m doing more writing today. Partially this is because I’ve decided to sort of participate in Nanowrimo this year (National Novel Writing Month, or something close to […]

Happy Halloween & Lilith’s Shadow

Happy Halloween to all of you who celebrate such! I hope your day goes well and that you have an enjoyable holiday! In addition to that, I have a somewhat belated announcement to make. I intended to have this up several days ago, but I put up a short story set after the end of Down with […]

October 28th 2018 Update

So! The Obsidian Palace is up to about 21,000 words, and if all goes well, I should have the edited version of Queen of Ice back about this time next week. I’m not certain about a release date on The Obsidian Palace yet, but I’ll likely set it up next week while getting Queen of Ice‘s formatting done. Thing is, self-publishers […]

October 21st 2018 Update

I started writing The Obsidian Palace this past week, and it’s got ~6,000 words. Not a ton, but I was trying to start slow and build up to things. I’m looking forward to getting moving on it, and am also nervous about things that’re going to happen in it. One thing I’m also concerned about is […]