June 19th 2022 Update

This week didn’t go so well, I’m afraid. I got a single day of writing in, but I pushed myself to do even that. I decided to take the rest of the week off to try and recover and hopefully be in good enough shape to write this coming week. I do feel better, so […]

June 12th 2022 Update

This week didn’t go the best, so Mistress of Chaos is up to about 80,000 words. I’m not entirely sure what happened, but I assume it’s at least partially related to my attempts to cut back on caffeine. It’s still progressing, though! Embers of War also moved along, and is at about 95,000 words, which […]

June 5th 2022 Update

Mistress of Chaos is up to ~72,500 words, and steadily climbing! I’ve been mentally revamping a few aspects of the plot as I go, as some parts of the story are evolving to fit together a bit more sanely into the framework I have in mind. It somewhat helps that I have various story ideas […]