April 21st 2019 Update

First off, I’m happy with how the release of Heaven’s Fallen has gone, and even if it’s not doing the best of my books, it’s doing rather well! Everyone who purchased it, thank you very much, I deeply appreciate it, and if you’d consider leaving a review, I’d deeply appreciate it. In further news, I should finish the […]

April 14th 2019 Update

Heaven’s Fallen is officially released tomorrow, April 15th! Or, you know, today for those of you who’re time travelers from the future. Anyway, I’m really excited for it’s launch, and hope everyone who reads it enjoys the book! Additionally, the pre-order for Mortal Gods is live as well! While it’s up, I want to warn that […]

Lily Portrait

This past week June Jenssen finished a portrait of Lily from the Ancient Dreams series. I’m very happy with how it turned out, and I want to thank my Patrons for helping fund the art piece. If you want to see artwork of more characters who haven’t ended up on covers, or are interested in […]

April 7th 2019 Update

So, Mortal Gods is with the Alpha readers at the moment, and a few mistakes have already been spotted and corrected. The story ended up at 127,000 words, which makes it the longest single book I’ve written short of Halls of Power, somewhat to my shock. However, that doesn’t mean my work is done, hardly that. I’m […]

Mortal Gods Cover

I got the final art for Mortal Gods a couple of days ago, and I thought I’d share it now! Once again the art was done by Nguyen Uy Vu, or Chaosringen on DeviantArt, and I’m quite happy with how it turned out! I haven’t uploaded the pre-order for Mortal Gods yet, and since Amazon restricts me […]

March 31st 2019 Update, Audiobook!

I finished the rough draft of Mortal Gods and began the first edit, which is primarily for continuity, but also to flesh out some aspects of the story. It finished at just over 119,000 words, but has now reached 125,000. The story is coming along well, and I’ve very much enjoying writing it. In other […]

March 24th 2019 Update

Alright, so this week I sent Heaven’s Fallen to the editor, and got back to working on Mortal Gods. I didn’t get a lot of time on Mortal Gods, so it’s only at about 110,000 words, but I expect I’ll probably finish the rough draft in the coming week. As a whole, the story is something of a […]