Hell’s Ascendant Audio Released!

At long last the audio of Hell’s Ascendant is live! I’m going to link a few of the stores below, and I want to thank everyone for their patience! Hopefully we’ll also have Crisis of Faith soon, but we shall see! I should add, I don’t have an iTunes link yet, or I’d put that […]

Webs & Wards Released!

Webs & Wards is live, so I hope everyone who’s going to read it enjoys the book! I’m including a couple of links to the Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk store below. Amazon.com Link Amazon.co.uk Link If you’d review the book after reading it, I’d deeply appreciate it!

January 12th 2020 Update

I almost wrote 2019 for the update, whoops. Still, I caught it in time, so let’s get down to business, shall we? Tomorrow Webs & Wards releases! I’m really looking forward to seeing what you think about the continuation of Joy’s story, as I certainly enjoyed it! Joy is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters. […]

January 5th 2020 Update

I’ve gotten the final pieces of feedback on Queen’s Move from my alpha readers, so this week I’m going to be diving into editing the book. I expect that to take me pretty much the entire week, and once I’m satisfied I intend to send it to my editor… who unfortunately won’t be able to get […]

December 29th 2019 Update

Queen’s Move is edited and off to Alpha readers. I’m taking a brief break to rest and relax this week but hopefully I’ll be working on the next book after that. I really enjoyed writing Queen’s Move and hope that all of you enjoy reading it when it comes out. I’m currently waiting on audible […]

December 22 2019 Update

I finished the rough draft of Queen’s Move! It wrapped up slightly quicker than I expected, with about 99,000 words, which puts it midway between Born a Queen and Down with the Queen in length. This could get longer during the editing process, but I’m not sure where it’ll end up. I’m still waiting on the cover art […]

December 15th 2019 Update

Webs & Wards is edited and off to the editor, so at this point it’s time to turn my full attention to Queen’s Move! There isn’t much left to Queen’s Move, I don’t think, but I’m not entirely sure how long it’ll take to finish in total. Hopefully this week or next, but I ran into a […]