March 26th Update

So, all but one beta reader have gotten back to me with feedback on Spells of Old. I’ve been going through and polishing some of the chapters, fixing minor issues in the process, but there hasn’t been anything major that’s needed to be changed. The worst was a missing word. As I told people before, […]

Ancient Ruins Proof!

So, I got the proof copy of Ancient Ruins! I would’ve taken pictures of the interior, but all my pictures turned out blurry (I don’t have the steadiest of hands). I only have a single issue, in that my name and the title on the interior at the top of each page isn’t centered, and […]

Artwork & Future Books

First off, I have hereby commissioned the cover for Halls of Power. I’m looking forward to seeing how Jackie does with it, and hope it turns out wonderful. Not spoiling anything there, you have to wait for it to be finished. I’ve also been in contact with another artist, and at the end of the month […]

Spells of Old Draft 2

I went ahead and grabbed a few people from my mailing list to read through the second draft of Spells of Old. Out of them, I’ve had three responses thus far, and they’ve been largely favorable, though there have been a handful of errors that I’ve corrected thus far. I’m waiting for a little more feedback, […]

Why I don’t Write Horror

Or, to be more accurate, why my wife forbids me from writing horror. The reason for this is that apparently yesterday I hit, ever so briefly, the top 100 horror authors on Amazon. This amuses me, since Ancient Ruins was given the categories of Dark Fantasy and Lesbian Romance by me. Apparently, if you put a book […]

Second Draft Complete

My first full editing pass of spells of Old is complete. It’s a much cleaner manuscript than Ancient Ruins was, but that doesn’t mean its acceptable yet. I’m going to be passing it back to my second-draft readers shortly, but I wanted to let everyone know where it stood. Also, as a complete aside, I’m chagrined to […]