Writing Rambling

With Down with the Queen at the Alpha Team, I’ve been trying to distract myself with other projects and clear my mind. I’ve had additional time in part because two members of my team have been sick or busy, but that’s just how it goes. That being the case, I’ve worked on two projects so far. […]

February 18th 2018 Update

I’ve sent Down with the Queen to my team of Alpha Readers to have a look at the first draft. Excluding the front matter, story so far, author’s note, and similar material, it’s a bit shy of 101,000 words. This time I’m remembering that a lot of people don’t know how long that is in pages […]

Character Perspectives

So, this is a bit of an odd post. Having seen a fair amount of praise for Marin’s Codex, one of the things that popped out at me was how some readers really seem to like the limited perspectives in the book. That is something I want to discuss, at least somewhat. I should hasten to […]

February 11th 2018 Update

Down with the Queen is currently at just over 80,000 words, which is only 13,000 shy of what Born a Queen was. With the scenes currently left to the book in my head, I’m expecting to finish the rough draft sometime this coming week, likely with 95,000-105,000 words. I can’t be more precise because I’ve learned […]

Superpowers in Lilith’s Shadow

I’ve gotten a lot of questions in the Discord chat about the powers in the Stars & Shadows universe, so today I thought I’d go over some of the baseline assumptions that I used when building the universe. First off, I should point out that one of the things I was adamant about avoiding was what I […]

New Versions

By this point the new version of Born a Queen seems to be live pretty much everywhere that I can see. The audiobook will take some time, but it’s the nature of the business, alas. That being said, I realized that some of you are going to be stuck with older versions of the files or […]