July 14th 2019 Update

This past week has been a bit hectic, between the release of Mortal Gods, recovering from the convention, and getting together the last pieces of feedback on Hell’s Ascendant. Speaking of Hell’s Ascendant, I’m currently working on the final edit before sending it to my editor, and I’m about halfway through the manuscript. I’m quite confident I’ll manage […]

Mortal Gods Released!

Mortal Gods has been released from durance vile! Furthermore, I successfully got the audiobook out before the ebook release, which I didn’t announce for the simple reason that I wanted to announce them simultaneously, as did the paperback! Without further ado, here are the links, going to the .com stores, to make linking less of […]

July 7th 2019 Update

The first draft of Hell’s Ascendant is complete, and I’ve sent it to my alpha team for feedback, so that’s a load off my back! It isn’t done by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s getting closer. I should also add that I’m writing this well in advance since I’m going to be at a convention […]

June 30th 2019 Update

Hell’s Ascendant is at about 115,000 words, and I’m working through the weekend on it, since I’m pretty sure I’m close to the end of the book. With any luck I’ll have the first draft done before I go to NASFiC 2019 this week, and hopefully also have feedback from my Alpha readers sometime next […]

New Ancient Ruins Cover

So, for a while I’ve been considering replacing the cover of Ancient Ruins and the other books of Ancient Dreams. It isn’t that I dislike the covers, I should add (the cover of Halls of Power is one of my favorite pieces I’ve commissioned, in fact), but when I look at them when compared to the rest […]

June 23rd 2019 Update

So, Hell’s Ascendant is up to a hair over 100,000 words, and tomorrow is 2 weeks from the release of Mortal Gods. The audio version of Mortal Gods is complete and approved on my end, so with any luck, Audible permitting, it’ll come out at pretty much the same time as the ebook. I will say, writing Hell’s […]

June 16th 2019 Update

Alright, so this week this post better go up on schedule… I hope I schedule it right anyway. But in any case, I managed to get some extra writing done, so Hell’s Ascendant is up to about 87,500 words! I doubt I’m going to finish the book this coming week, but I’m currently expecting it to come […]