Pre-Order Spells of Old

I put up Spells of Old for pre-order. I want to note that the release date is not accurate. I set it as far out as I was allowed to, and as soon as I have the final version will set it to a much closer date. Promise. Also, the description is something I threw together quickly, […]

Mailing List

Okay, so I got the Mailing List set up. On Monday the 20th, I’m going to send the entire prologue to anyone signed up to the mailing list. I intend to release the first three chapters of Spells of Old in this manner before it’s actually released, giving people a peek of what’s to come. I […]

Changing Site

So, no doubt some of you have noticed that the site address changed. I upgraded to a non-free account, in part in preparation for creating a mailing list. I’m probably going to update the theme and such in the near future, but I’m not doing anything right this moment. Also, having to avoid the urge to […]

First Draft & Snippet

So, the first of my readers got through Spells of Old! He loved it, and enjoyed a lot of it. There are a few chapters he mentioned stopped abruptly, which I need to fix, and I’ll likely have to add a chapter of daily goings-on in the dungeon to help flesh out a few relationships, but […]

A Question, and Random Musings

So, I’m looking at setting up a mailing list. The author’s I’ve been talking to highly recommend it, so I’ll be doing so in the near future. However, a question came up in my mind, mostly for those who might sign up for them. Assuming I sent out an email every other week or so, […]

Draft Completed

I just finished the first draft of Spells of Old. Over the last three days I produced nearly 14,000 words, to give the first draft just over 119,000 words. Honestly, I’ve got the shakes at the moment, because I just got sucked in. There are so many points I’m not entirely happy with, but…but it’s done […]


So, a few minutes ago I got a question on editing, and why I go through the stages I do before sending a book to an editor. I’m basing this off New York Book Editors, who’re a reputable group that I first considered before finding my current editor. Most of the publicly available editors have […]