Stars & Shadows: An Overview

So, this week I thought I’d give an overview of the Stars & Shadows Universe I’ve been building. This is the universe where Born a Queen is set, so it’s a superhero-based setting, and it’s very distinctly an alternate universe. I will add that nothing I’m writing here should spoil any plots for the stories in […]

August 20th Update

Today’s update is coming late, because I felt like crap last night and went to bed without writing it up ahead of time. So, Born a Queen is coming along nicely so far. I’ve edited 8 chapters out of (currently) 35, and the document is showing me about a third of the way done. I don’t […]

Thoughts on Halls of Power

So, it’s been a week since Halls of Power released. At this point, I’ve gotten some feedback from people not among my ARC list or beta readers via reviews (I don’t read them myself to avoid destroying my motivation, I get it from my wife summarizing recent reviews for me), some of it useful, some not. […]

Project Lists: 8/16/2017

So, first and foremost, I now have an Upcoming Projects page, where you can see vague summaries of the projects I have intended in the pipeline. If you don’t want even vague summaries, I’ll list the order of series below, and how long I anticipate them being. Born a Queen Before the Godsrage – This is an […]

August 13th Update

Not much progress to report on the writing front, I’m afraid. My wife started her new job, and the release of Halls of Power on Friday distracted me. Besides, some people pointed out that I do need to take something of a break, so I’ve been playing Final Fantasy 14 a little, as a character from Halls of […]

Halls of Power Releases Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the release date for Halls of Power. Depending on where you are in the world, it may be releasing any time over the next 24 hours… in fact, it’s possible it already released in some regions. I really don’t know. I’m probably going to be trying to avoid the internet tomorrow out of sheer […]

Favorite Characters

There isn’t going to be a RPG Misadventures post today, as I’ve pretty well run out of ones that come directly to mind. Oh, there’re individual incidents that were hilariously bad, but I was trying to focus on when there were a series of unfortunate decisions for my prior posts. Instead, with Halls of Power coming […]