Mistress of Chaos Released

Mistress of Chaos is now out! This took a lot longer to get out than I expected, likely partially because of other books going long. I’m really happy with how things came together, and I’m going to endeavor not to leave you waiting too long for the follow up. I hope you all enjoy it! […]

August 21st 2022 Update

Surprise! Mistress of Chaos is coming out tomorrow, rather than in September! My editor got it back to me more than a week early, so I wrapped thing up in time to release it tomorrow. I’m really happy with that, so… woohoo! I hope you all enjoy it. In slightly different news, after soliciting feedback […]

Talyn: Rebirth Audiobook Released

The audiobook of Talyn: Rebirth is out! Even better, I’ve started on the next book, which I decided to title Talyn: Descent. I just barely started it yesterday, so there isn’t much to it yet, but I’m hopeful to see it progress quickly! In any case, Tess Irondale is the narrator of Talyn: Rebirth, and […]

August 14th 2022 Update

I’ve sent Mistress of Chaos to the editor! It’s going to be a little tight, but I should be able to publish it by the end of the month, so that’s good news by me! It took longer than I wanted to complete, but that’s how it goes sometimes. Next on the list is another […]

August 9th 2022 Update

Well, don’t I feel sheepish. I thought I’d set up a post for Sunday, and never realized that I hadn’t. My apologies, everyone. There isn’t really a whole lot to share, though. I expect to finish the final draft of Mistress of Chaos this week so I can send it to my editor, then re-read […]