September 2nd 2018 Update

It’s September already? Sheesh, I feel like August went by far faster than June or July did, which is weird. Anyway, Queen of Ice is at a bit over 69,000 words, and I anticipate finishing the rough draft sometime around the middle of the month. Overall it’s going well, and I’m enjoying writing the book! I’m […]

August 26th 2018 Update

Queen of Ice is coming along well, and I’m up to a bit more than 54,000 words. I’d guess that I’m about halfway done, more or less, though this is the first draft. I’m curious how things will go from this point, because a few of my plans have shifted slightly as I’ve written, particularly since […]

August 19th, 2018 Update

Tomorrow The Avatar’s Flames comes out! I’m excited and panicked, which means that it’s just the usual for me. I hope people enjoy it, though I’ll warn that, as one of the ARC readers pointed out, it doesn’t have as much action to the story as some of my other ones. That doesn’t mean it won’t have […]

365 Magic Items

So, a while back I mentioned that I had a RPG book in the works. I find it amusing, and ironic, that it came out exactly a week before The Avatar’s Flames, but go figure! Before I say anything else, there’s something I need to stress. This book is for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, and is not something […]

August 12th 2018 Update

There’s a week and a day to the release of The Avatar’s Flames. I’m nervous, but that’s how it goes. The first ARC reviews have started going up, and they’re helping relieve some of my nervousness. Queen of Ice is up to about 28,000 words, so likely a bit over 25% of the way done. I’ve […]

August 5th 2018 Update

So, with The Avatar’s Flames just over 2 weeks out, I’ve been working on the second book of the trilogy, Queen of Ice. It’s up to 15,000 words, or call it 15% of the way complete at a guess. I’d say I’m skeptical of it getting to that length, but I’ve learned that I’m terrible at figuring out […]