Delay on Spells of Old Audiobook

So, I was really, really hoping I wouldn’t have to say this. They told me that the audiobook of Spells of Old should be out soon… but it isn’t yet. And I have no idea when it’ll be out. I wish I did, and it’s frustrating. I approved Spells of Old on June 10th, a Saturday. […]

RPG Misadventures: The Fey-Ri & the Fallen Angels

Alas, I got distracted the last few days and forgot to put together this post. Not that it seems people particularly care about them, I like rambling a bit. Back to the tale of Myrleena, the part-demon mage-rogue, and her band of plucky adventurers! After being resurrected in the events of The Fey-Ri and the […]

Art & Story: Jacqueline Heartreaver

So, I finally managed to have one of my dreams come true, getting art by Michelle Hoefener. This character isn’t part of the Ancient Dreams trilogy, nor any of the books on my immediate calendar for the future. In part this is because Jacqueline is one of my ultra-villains on the continent of Kavarn, in the […]

July 9th Update

First off, the pre-order of Halls of Power is live on Amazon! I may move the date from September 1st forward as far as August 15th, but much depends on how things go from here. Which brings me to the current progress on Halls of Power‘s editing. All four of my Alpha Readers are completely through the […]

RPG Misadventures: The Elf and the Spy

I almost forgot to put this up today, due to a near-sleepless night due to the holiday yesterday. In any case, this story once again follows Myrleena the half-demon elf, in the Red Hand of Doom RPG campaign I was in. Prior to the events of The Fey-Ri & the Dragon, Myrleena had already been somewhat […]

Halls of Power: 1st Draft Complete

As the title says, approximately half an hour ago, I finished the rough draft of Halls of Power. At this point the process becomes easier in many ways, assuming I didn’t screw up by the numbers (always a possibility). First I go through the book and correct obvious errors, like continuity errors. I’m already aware of […]

July 2nd Update

First off, I did not finish Halls of Power. It’s sitting at just over 120,000 words, and I’ve got 2-4 more chapters to go on it, including the Epilogue. I’m going to be working on it today, because I want the first draft done. This is going nuts, and making me nervous, but I’m going to do […]