What I Listen To

So, to keep my mind thoroughly off the release (those butterflies won’t settle down), I thought I’d talk about something I don’t mention much. When writing, the biggest and most important thing for me is what I’m listening to. Some people can’t write if they aren’t in a room that’s dead silent. I’m the opposite. Give […]

Audiobook & Side Project

While I consider my blog post yesterday cute, it wasn’t terribly informative to others, so I thought I’d give a more substantial update today. This morning I finished listening to the audiobook recording of Ancient Ruins. As always in a work of that length, there were some errors. I listed them and sent them off to the […]

A Dose of Humility

It’s amazing how sentences seem perfectly fine until you hear them out loud. Then, you realize that a couple of sentences that look good on a page sound weird when spoken aloud. It makes me think it might be best for me to start listening to my books aloud before I complete my final draft, […]

Spells of Old: Point of No Return

So, one of the oddities of setting up a Pre-Order is that 4 days beforehand, you have to have all your files ready and up to date. At that time, the files lock, and even if you know there are errors, you can’t fix them. Last night I passed that point. I’ve fretted a little […]

Audiobook Update

I’m having lots of updates today. Huh. Well, let’s tell you what’s going on! I have reviewed the first 3 chapters of Ancient Ruins in audiobook format, and by and large I very much like it. I would try to compare it to other audiobooks, but I don’t listen to them (I read nearly 900 words […]