April 17th 2022 Update

The pre-order for Phoenix Ascendant is set up, and the audiobook recording is scheduled! Recording should be done by mid-May, though proofing it will likely take longer, then Audible will have to publish it. It’s very likely that the audiobook won’t be out until June. The ebook is scheduled to be out on May 9th, […]

April 10th 2022 Update

I’m in the middle of editing Phoenix Ascendant, and fully expect to finish editing it by Wednesday, at which point I can send it to my editor. Once that’s done, I’ll be able to get a pre-order put together. This is a fairly long one, so… it’s going to be interesting to see what people […]

Lilith’s Shadow Omnibi Audio Release

The audiobooks of the Lilith’s Shadow omnibi have been released! Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to be live on iTunes yet, but I can’t do anything but wait in that regard. I haven’t changed anything in the content of the audiobooks, other than doing a new foreword and afterward that matches the ebook collections, so if […]

April 3rd 2022 Update

I finished my first editing pass of Phoenix Ascendant this past week, and sent it to my alpha team for feedback. This led to me taking a break, which is why this post is going up late. I forgot to set it up while I was reading books. In any case, this coming week I’ll […]

March 27th 2022 Update

I’ve completed the rough draft of Phoenix Ascendant! It’s about 150,000 words at the moment, making it much longer than I anticipated. I suppose that’s part of why my original plan was for the series to take three books, but I still feel that there wasn’t a satisfying spot to split this volume, so… one […]