December 22 2019 Update

I finished the rough draft of Queen’s Move! It wrapped up slightly quicker than I expected, with about 99,000 words, which puts it midway between Born a Queen and Down with the Queen in length. This could get longer during the editing process, but I’m not sure where it’ll end up. I’m still waiting on the cover art […]

December 15th 2019 Update

Webs & Wards is edited and off to the editor, so at this point it’s time to turn my full attention to Queen’s Move! There isn’t much left to Queen’s Move, I don’t think, but I’m not entirely sure how long it’ll take to finish in total. Hopefully this week or next, but I ran into a […]

December 1st 2019 Update

I can hardly believe it’s December! Time flies when you’re busy, I suppose. In any case, this last week was Thanksgiving in the United States, but that wasn’t the only reason I decided to delay working on Queen’s Move for a week. It was also because I was in the final stages of writing the […]

Series Survey Results

Hello, everybody! So, you may recall that a few weeks ago I put up a link to a survey about my series, which I then expanded out to my newsletter and put up on my blog. I closed the survey Monday to take a look through the information I got, which took a bit more […]

November 17th 2019 Update

Queen’s Move is up to ~62,500 words, and going strong! I’m looking forward to seeing how the latter half of the story works out in the end, as it has taken a few twists I didn’t expect. I also put up a few sketches of Gina/Warden on my Patreon this past week, asking my Patrons […]