August 23rd 2020 Update

Things were better this past week! I’m still not back to full form, but Dusk Gate just passed 70,000 words, which is significantly better than previous weeks. I’m still not sure how long it’ll be, so we’ll see where it ends up! I also got another art piece back that was supposed to be for […]

August 16th 2020 Update

I got Dusk Gate up to 61,000 words this past week which was… less than I’d hoped, but unsurprising considering the week didn’t go well for me as a whole. Still, I’m making progress, which is the important thing. If the desk I ordered shows up, that’d be swell. Ah, and I almost forgot! Recording of the Queen […]

August 9th 2020 Update

This week wasn’t much better than last week, as Dusk Gate is up to ~55,500 words, which is at least decent, since I didn’t get any writing in one day this week. I’m trying to build up some momentum, but we’ll see how it goes. On the other hand, Hives & Heroism has done better than I […]

August 2nd 2020 Update

This week wasn’t great, but I still have Dusk Gate up to ~50,000 words. Not only that, but tomorrow is the release day for Hives & Heroism! I really hope that you all enjoy it! In other news, I just got back new cover art for Halls of Power, completing the re-design of the original trilogy. The art […]