October 25th 2020 Update

Dusk Gate comes out tomorrow, which has me very excited! I hope that everyone enjoys Xandra as much as I do, even if I wonder where she came from in my imagination. You can find the links to the Amazon page for it and the paperback below. Dusk Gate ebook Dusk Gate paperback In other […]

October 18th 2020 Update

Queen’s Journey is up to ~32,500 words, which has me very pleased with how the book is coming along. I’m not entirely sure on how long it’ll be at this point, but with how much ground it has to cover before the end, I’d be startled if it isn’t over 100,000 words. I also have […]

How I Self Publish

Just the other day, I was asked how the publishing process works. It’s an excellent question, but not one that’s suited to a simple reply in a comment. There’s a lot that goes on with publishing, even ignoring editing and the writing of a book! I’m going to go over how I do it below. […]

October 11th 2020 Update

Dusk Gate is off with the editor, and Amazon figured things out so the pre-order is actually available on all of their stores! Too bad it took most of a week, but I’ll take victories where I can. On the other hand, Queen’s Journey has come along well, and in the three days I was […]

October 4th 2020 Update

I’m in the final stages of editing Dusk Gate at this point, then I’m going to be sending it to my editor. I’m really hoping to have it out before the end of the month, but at present, the pre-order is set for November 2nd. The link to the Amazon pre-order is below! Dusk Gate […]