Born a Queen Incoming

So, over the next 24 hours Born a Queen will be released worldwide. In fact, I believe it’s already available in Australia! Regardless of that, there’s a part of me that’s worried about releasing a new series. Another part of me is excited, but we’ll see how things go. For myself, I’m going to try to […]

October 15th Update

I didn’t get much writing done this past week, partially due to lack of motivation, partially due to a toothache. The latter has been partially dealt with, and the rest will be dealt with soon enough. Marin’s Codex hasn’t progressed much, but this week should change that. If I’m not to at least 15,000 words by next […]

October 8th Update

My birthday has come and gone, as it is wont to do. Thank those of you who gave well-wishes. I’m expecting to get the edited version of Born a Queen back tomorrow, at which point I’ll be able to do the final bits of polish before its release on the 21st, and I’ll be able to […]

The Extended Ending

Remember how I said I was going to extend the ending of Halls of Power? Well, I did. If you’re one of those who really wanted to read it, you can Read it Here. When I do the Ancient Dreams Omnibus, this will be part of what I put into it, but that’s quite a ways down […]

October 1st Update

It’s the first of October, so I have some news! First, the audiobook of Halls of Power is waiting for Audible to approve it. If things go well, it could be up by mid-October, but if they don’t, it could be a longer wait. I’m paying much closer attention to the time-frame this time, and will […]

Musings of Monsters

First, I’ll start by letting you all know that I don’t have any news since Sunday on the release date of anything. I have found a narrator for Born a Queen, but I’m not going to announce anything until we’re closer to the end. As much as I’d like to say it’d be out quickly after the […]