Stories, Patreon, & Musing

I’m continuing to meet my daily goal on Halls of Power, but only just, as the middle portions are being difficult. I want to get out all the information, but not while ignoring the main characters of the story, which makes this very difficult to parse in my head. It’s still progressing, but getting from point […]

May 7th Update

Halls of Power is sitting at a bit over 22,500 words thus far, and is going reasonably well. I wish my muse wasn’t so fickle some days, or I could have gotten even more done this past week, but things are going well as I get into it. The poll I put up for the […]

Series Poll

Looking to after Halls of Power and the Ancient Dreams trilogy, I’m putting this up to show people what sort of stories I have in mind, and let people give me their opinions on which ones they’d be interested in seeing next. I’m going to be up front and state that these are simply the […]

April 30th Update

This past week was not good for my writing, I’m afraid. I did finish my pre-editor edit of Into the Eternal Wood, and the first chapter of the novella will be going out to my mailing list early tomorrow morning. My wife had several interviews this week, and for moral support I usually go along with, which […]

Interest Check

So, this is an odd sort of post for me. My wife is interested in writing a novella or series of novels herself, and I suggested that I might share the thoughts she had here to see if there’s interest in such a story. The idea she has in mind is a science fantasy setting, […]

Busy Week

This week is turning out to be far busier than I anticipated. I finished Into the Eternal Wood and sent it off to an editor late Monday, then anticipated working on Halls of Power. Yesterday I ended up having to go to a doctor’s appointment with my wife, which killed the main part of my day for […]