May 23rd 2021 Update

Not much happened this past week, as Queen’s Gambit is off to the editor and I’ve been recovering a little… and I got sucked into a novel rather thoroughly. That’s done, though, so I’m poking about other things. I did get several pieces of art, though, and I’m going to share one today! Crystal Rain […]

May 16th 2021 Update

Editing of Queen’s Gambit on my end is complete, and I’ve sent the manuscript off to the editor. I have cover art, but I’m waiting for the scheduled timeline from the editor before setting up the pre-order. I’m guessing it’ll be the second week of June, but no promises just yet. On the other hand, […]

May 9th 2021 Update

I got the basic changes I needed made to Queen’s Gambit done, and also have the color preview that I approved yesterday. I’m really, really excited to share the cover, because it looks awesome, in my not-so-humble opinion. I wish I could draw like that. On the other hand, Friday I got my second dose […]

May 2nd 2021 Update

I finished the rough draft of Queen’s Gambit this past week, with just over 100,000 words, and initial reviews from my alpha readers are promising. Unfortunately, they have found at least one thing that’s going to require expanding on the book a little, but I’m not sure how much it’ll require overall, that’ll have to […]

April 25th 2021 Update

Alright, I’ve got a couple of pieces of information to share today, so let’s get started! First off, Queen’s Gambit is up to ~93,800 words. I expect I’ll likely finish the rough draft this coming week, at which point I’ll be going into editing, scheduling it with my editor and narrator, and all of that […]