July 15th, 2018 Update

Today the Ancient Dreams Omnibus was released! Perhaps it isn’t as exciting as a new release, but I’m glad to see it out, as it reduces my distractions. I’ve got a bunch more news for this week as well, so I’d best get to it. First off, The Avatar’s Flames was generally well-received by my Alpha Readers, and […]

July 8th Update

The first draft of The Avatar’s Flames is complete, at just over 102,000 words, and is currently being read by my Alpha Readers. Feedback has been generally favorable thus far, so that’s good! I do not have a release date just yet, but I very well might by next Sunday… which incidentally happens to be the […]

July 1st 2018 Update

Alas, I did not finish the rough draft of The Avatar’s Flames this past week. The document is a bit over 91,000 words, and I’m estimating it’ll take about two to four more chapters to complete, so finishing it this week is very likely. Regardless, I want to point out this won’t make it come out earlier, […]

June 24th 2018 Update

The Avatar’s Flames is currently sitting at just over 77,500 words, and I hope to finish the rough draft this week. I’m not certain I will, but it has even odds, though those odds are reduced if the week goes like the last one. I’m recovering from having a tooth extracted, and the side effects […]

June 17th 2018 Update

The Avatar’s Flames is up to just over 65,000 words, and I’m guessing it’ll take at least two more weeks to finish, possibly more, which would give around 90,000 words in length, at a guess. The first book is turning out a little more complicated than I anticipated, and I’ll warn that I’m not sure […]

The Avatar’s Flames Art

June Jenssen just finished the cover art for The Avatar’s Flames, and I love what she did with it. Some of my mental images needed to be adjusted because perspectives didn’t work right, and some of my color ideas would’ve been bland, but she helped fix them for me. I’ll note that I’m still working on […]

June 10th 2018 Update

The Avatar’s Flames is up to just over 52,500 words, so it’s coming along reasonably well. I’m hoping to have it far enough along to have the book up for pre-order when the Ancient Dreams Omnibus goes live, but I can’t make any promises just yet. The bad news is that I scheduled editing with my editor […]