Chosen of Chaos

Chosen of Chaos (Kindle Format March 2021) Book 1

Chosen of Chaos (Paperback Format March 2021) Book 1

Chosen of Chaos Audiobook (August 2021)


Evelyn enjoyed living a nice, quiet life in an anarchic pirate port, far from the world she’d once conquered.

Then came an attack by mercenaries that made her angry. By the time the dust settled, she had a group of former slaves which she’d freed, her djinn assistant had convinced several of the women that they should join Evelyn’s brand-new harem, and she was looking for a new home, likely aboard a ship.

If nothing else, it was going to make Evelyn’s life more interesting, and she almost looked forward to it. If the rest of the cluster was sweating bullets at the re-emergence of a notorious warlord, that was their problem, not hers.