This is a rough timeline of the world of Ancient Dreams, reaching from the earliest known novels to the beginning of Ancient Ruins. Please note that this is not intended to be perfectly accurate, but instead to give a rough idea of when events came about. All years are set based on the Godsrage itself, and are either Before Godsrage (BG) or After Godsrage (AG). Please note that some spoilers can be found in the timeline below.

8,000 BG – Marin is born in the elven kingdom of Pharos. She is one of the few survivors of a plague that kills her family and is sent to an orphanage.

7,300 BG – The demon lord Emonael joins the Pharos Mage Association posing as an elf, and the events that follow are detailed in Marin’s Codex.

7,295 BG – The elven kingdom of Tethlyn dissolves into neighboring countries after extremely ill luck and a plague of disasters destroy the majority of their nobility and magi.

7,250 BG – Marin, now an angel, becomes an archangel and Champion of Balvess. She’s given the sword of her god, and begins to research enchanting, despite her memories of her mortal life being hazy.

7,100 BG – The demon lord Kathyria captures Marin and transforms her into a succubus in order to gain a lieutenant who’s actually loyal, renames her Avendrial.

7,000 BG – Avendrial begins training a new succubus in Kathyria’s service, named Irethiel. Kathyria develops demonic brands after a great deal of trial and error.

6,800 BG – Emonael ascends to goddesshood, as the Queen in Mirrors, goddess of Illusion, Lost Knowledge, and Forbidden Knowledge.

5,500 BG – Avendrial is betrayed by a summoner, is trapped in a soul-gem that hides her spirit from detection and slowly dissolves her magic and spirit. Ancient Ruins begins (sort of).

5,200 BG – Sistina Constella is born in the kingdom of Everium.

5,175 BG – Sistina Constella leads a merchant caravan to the east, finds a pendant set with Avendrial’s soul-gem, purchases it.

5,170 BG – Events of Into the Eternal Wood.

4,100 BG – Sistina Constella dies of old age and is entombed with the soul-gem of Avendrial.

3,350 BG – Kathyria is betrayed by Irethiel and de-throned as the Demon Queen of Chains.

~5-15 BG/AG – The Godsrage occurred. Records sparse, but lasted between five and fifteen years, multitudes of deities perished, and the vast majority of knowledge was lost. Some suspect this was a deliberate act of the gods.

4,800 AG – Tomb raider breaks into Sistina Constella’s tomb, inadvertently cracks the gemstone Avendrial was trapped in, and her soul merges with a seed, sprouting into a tree.

5,925 AG – Ulvian Sorvos overthrows the decadent rulers of Kelvanis and begins reforming the nation.

5,990 AG – Kelvanis declares war on the elven nations of Sifaren and Yisara, conquers the region between the two and prevents them from combining their forces. Kelvanis has developed slave brands that allow them to force absolute obedience over those branded, and the brands cannot be removed.

5,999 AG – Lily of Vernglade escapes the Kelvanis city of Westgate, and is rescued from pursuers by Avendrial the tree. Ancient Ruins begins for real.

6,000 AG – Phynis Constella, Crown Princess of Sifaren, is captured and branded by Kelvanis.

4 thoughts on “Timeline

  1. Hi,

    I really loved your Ancient Dreams series and the novels hovering around.

    I’m relly looking forward to see what will happen to the church of Medaea and how it will end with Wenris and Diane.

    Do you have plans for them?

    Thanks for the wonderful stories.


  2. Hello, Pierre!

    I’m glad you’ve liked the Ancient Dreams series! It’s definitely my most popular series, and I’m happy people enjoy it.

    Regarding the church of Medaea, the main part of the story regarding the church of Medaea is finished as of Crisis of Faith. The two churches are going to gradually merge, and shift to be closer to her original outlook, rather than being perfectly aligned with either faith. As for Wenris and Diane… essentially, if Wenris realizes what’s going on too early, everything that’s been done will fail. It means that a full novel surrounding it simply wouldn’t work well. I may (very much not for sure) choose to write a short story or novella about the final stages of the process, but not a full novel.

    Hope that answers the questions!


  3. Well…. I just read a short story epilogue, but now I have more questions than I did.

    What happened to Wendris? Did she become Amanda?
    What happened to Zenith?
    I’m assuming the Empress Eternal was the one outside the palace while Sistina was inside…
    Did males join the harem? If not, how are there males in charge in the end?
    What happened to the souls of the harem? Did they join Sistina to be one with her?
    Did Medea join the harem?
    Did Medea survive in the end? We saw her right before the portal closed, but did she go through?
    What happens now?

    So many questions….


  4. Well, I can answer some of them!

    Wenris was redeemed, and is likely on the front lines somewhere. Amanda, on the other hand, is a random child of an angel and a mortal. Possibly Zenith’s child, but I never made a decision.
    Zenith’s ultimate fate is left undetermined. It’s been a long time.
    You are correct, that’s the Eternal Empress.
    Males did not join the harem. Sistina and Phynis’s children went on to marry, and gained a more diverse gene pool. It’s been at least 10,000 years since Halls of Power, in my view.
    Sistina created a pocket dimension/afterlife within her tree, where the harem went for their afterlives. They’re still with her.
    Medaea… may have. I’m not entirely sure, but she certainly got together with Sistina after the others died of old age.
    That, on the other hand, was NOT Medaea. See the tiny sample of Sisters of Radiance to learn a bit about Kari’Torath, the final primal deity and the Ender of Worlds.
    Good question!


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