January 23rd 2022 Update

The release of Talyn: Rebirth went reasonably well overall. Not great, but not bad either, which is about what I expected, if I’m being honest. It’s a little out of my usual wheelhouse, but that’s how it goes sometimes. Anyway, I’ve got some art to share as well as my usual update. Phoenix Ascendant is […]

Talyn: Rebirth Release!

Talyn: Rebirth is now out! I’m excited, and hope that all of you enjoy the book! Amazon affiliate links are below, and if you’d consider reviewing it after you’re done I’d greatly appreciate it. Amazon.com ebook Link Amazon.com Paperback Link Oh, and I forgot to mention this with the Lilith’s Shadow omnibi, but if you’re […]

January 16th 2022 Update

This past week kicked my butt. I spent pretty much all of it recovering from being sick, so I’m afraid I only got about 1,000 words in on Soul Bound 2, which I’m now announcing as being named Phoenix Ascendant. Not how I hoped for the week to go, but there’s no real way to […]

January 9th 2022 Update

I’m afraid I got sick this week, so I’m going to keep this brief this time around. Despite that, I managed to get in about 7,500 words on Soul Bound 2, bringing it up to just over 40,000 words. Hopefully I get over this sickness quickly, but at the moment I think it’s just a […]

January 2nd 2022 Update

Happy New Year! First of all, I have books to announce! Since I decided not to hang onto the files for long, the omnibi of Lilith’s Shadow are going live tomorrow. I went the rounds with myself over when to do it, and just decided to get the books out there as quickly as possible. […]