April 22nd Update

I’m currently slightly less than two-thirds of the way through re-editing Ancient Dreams, and am hopeful about hitting a few self-imposed deadlines regarding it. There isn’t a huge amount to say about it at the moment… most of the things I’ve been working on has been clearing up wordings and the like. I suspect most of the […]

Mid-Week Madness

Is it only Wednesday? Yeesh. So, today I anticipate reaching about the halfway point through the Ancient Dreams document. It’s enormous, but I’m just getting to the points I think need the most expansions on, so I suspect I’ll be slowing down when I hit them. My days have been further complicated by contractors, heating problems, random […]

April 15th Update

This week I finished my edit of Ancient Ruins for the Ancient Dreams omnibus, and got started on Spells of Old. Last week I said I needed to do better, and I managed it this week, but it’s… interesting, reading my older books and seeing where I may have gone slightly off-course in other books. It doesn’t help […]

April 8th Update

So, this past week I began going through a compiled file of Ancient Ruins, Spells of Old, and Halls of Power to edit it anew for the Ancient Dreams omnibus. Ignoring the author’s notes and the like, it came in at about 373,000 words, or well over 1,000 pages at even the more optimistic estimates of how many words […]

Musings on Future Series

So, as I edit Ancient Dreams and see some commentary on Down with the Queen, I’ve thought about my project list… and have been forced to sigh in some frustration. See, one of my biggest problems is that I have too many ideas I want to write. I find coming up with the setting for a story easy, […]

April 1st Update

Yes, it’s April 1st. However, I’ve never been fond of April Fool’s Day, so let’s just go with the usual update, shall we? So, Down with the Queen came out on Friday, and overall the response has been quite good. A few errors did creep into the final version, and I’m going to update the files […]

Down with the Queen Incoming!

I have confirmation from one reader that Down with the Queen is live in Australia. As far as I know, it goes live about midnight for each region it’s available in, so the book will be rolling out worldwide over the next 24 hours. I’ve approved the paperback copy of the book, so those of you […]