August 18th 2019 Update

First off, Crisis of Faith is up to 55,000 words! I’m absolutely stoked that it’s coming along well, and hope that this keeps up at its current rate. Now, on to other matters, and how things have just gotten weird for me. My editor had a cancellation early this past week, and it was just large […]

August 11th 2019 Update

Monday started slow, as I spent pretty much the entire day reading and editing what I had of Crisis of Faith, so I didn’t get much done initially. Still, I started with 30,000 words on the project, and ended the week with 42,500 words. That being the case, I’m quite happy with how the week went! […]

August 4th 2019 Update

Hello everyone! So, my vacation is now over, so it’s time for me to get back to work! Though to tell the truth, I honestly didn’t do that much vacationing… I spent a lot of time writing, in fact. My wife has threatened to take me on a real vacation later this year, and I’m acquiescing, […]

July 28th 2019 Update

This past week was part of my vacation again, and I’m finding it increasingly difficult not to just dive into writing another book. My wife is threatening to take me on a real vacation later this year because of it, so that may happen. Still, Hell’s Ascendant is at the editor, and before too long I expect […]

July 21st 2019 Update

Alright, Hell’s Ascendant is off to the editor and I’m trying to take a vacation, though I give decent odds I abandon it and start writing again anyway before the two weeks is up. Heck, I’m already a little stir-crazy, so who knows? Either way, the book is going to be ready in plenty of time, which […]

July 14th 2019 Update

This past week has been a bit hectic, between the release of Mortal Gods, recovering from the convention, and getting together the last pieces of feedback on Hell’s Ascendant. Speaking of Hell’s Ascendant, I’m currently working on the final edit before sending it to my editor, and I’m about halfway through the manuscript. I’m quite confident I’ll manage […]

Mortal Gods Released!

Mortal Gods has been released from durance vile! Furthermore, I successfully got the audiobook out before the ebook release, which I didn’t announce for the simple reason that I wanted to announce them simultaneously, as did the paperback! Without further ado, here are the links, going to the .com stores, to make linking less of […]