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The Ancient Dreams series is a trilogy I’m currently working on. The first book, Ancient Ruins, has been published already. The second and third book are tentatively named Spells of Old and Halls of Power. I’m not prepared to share information on any of them at this point, due to not wishing to step on the toes of anyone who is reading the books. However, what IĀ do have is a tentative map to share. Some of the locations listed haven’t been mentioned in the book as of yet, and I am still working out the exact scale, so this should not be taken too literally. But regardless, here we are.


16 thoughts on “Ancient Dreams Series

  1. Hey. I respect your desire to keep tight lipped about your next books. But could you give a timeline on release dates at least? Pretty please??


    1. Current plans: This year. Today I hit 69,000 words on Spells of Old (book 2), which is over 2/3’s of the length of Ancient Ruin’s first draft. I hope to have draft 1 done by mid-March. After my friends go through it, I’m going to do a re-write to fix problems and adjust it. Then I’m going to hire an editor to go through it. With all of that, I EXPECT mid-June for Spells of Old. I can’t promise it, though.


    1. I’m glad to hear you enjoyed it! I honestly expected very little attention on my book, so everything’s been a little overwhelming so far. I’m hoping to have the audiobook of Ancient Ruins out before Spells of Old as well!


      1. I’ve randomly selected test readers from my mailing list and those who’ve commented on my site. With each book I’m going to do it again, not repeating the same person. If someone is particularly helpful with feedback, I may add them to my ARC list with their permission. So… there you go. ^_^


  2. It’s a very cult genre truthfully. I’ve only found 2 other series with dungeon MC’s. I’m trying to write my own though I’ve only just got my dungeon born.


    1. Yeah. I’ve only seen two as well (the slime dungeon series and divine dungeon series), and both were too…malevolent for my tastes. Mind, Sistina would go a bit insane if someone killed Phynis at this point. Oh, the horrors…


      1. I’m assuming that the jewels will become as important eventually but no spoilers šŸ˜† and those are the two I meant. Did you know they’re putting out a crossover novella?


      2. I did not know that! Unfortunately, I decided after book 2 of Slime Dungeon that I didn’t care for the writing style, and the reviews of book 2 of the Divine Dungeon turned me away from it.

        I have no intention of getting Sistina pissed off enough to go after people, though. Though I will say my favorite character in the series is Lily.


      3. Really? šŸ˜‰ I’ll definitely keep a closer look on her lolz. I haven’t paid attention to the reviews of dungeon madness and cal is totally a sociopath but his grief at the end makes him very human. It’s easy to see Sistina reacting like him if Phynis were kidnapped. Especially since dani is his only friend for all but the last few weeks of his life


      4. Lily isn’t my favorite because she’s the most important character. She isn’t. She’s my favorite because she’s a normal person. Normal woman caught up in enormous events, and who doesn’t want to be important.

        And yeah…I just…couldn’t get myself to read even the sample chapters. Especially with me writing for Sistina. She wants to challenge adventurers, and teach them their limits. She finds them fun to watch. If they overestimate themselves, its their own fault. At least in her view.


  3. [this is a reader encouraging you to continue!] love the work you’re doing though i do have a few tips. first is add more body types! it’s always nice to see authors take into account the millions of different shapes of people there are. also i had a few more but i can’t remember anything bc it’s 5am and i’ve been reading ur book since 11am yesterdayskckcjcjjd BUT despite the lack of body-type diversity it was really good!!!! love how none of them are straight except the slaver guy who blatantly didn’t know about wlw.


    1. I will try to keep in mind the suggestion. Not certain I’ll necessarily manage it (a lot of the people involved are soldiers) but I’ll try to remember to do so. Hard of me to step away from my own tendencies.


  4. Hey šŸ˜‹ I found another dungeon based series that I think you might like better than the other two. It’s called “I Was Reincarnated As A Magic Academy”. Illsy is called perviticus idioticus by his wives because of a spell called colly tos and wants to make a great school not a death trap


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