Mantles of Power Art

Alright, here’s the artwork for Mantles of Power!

Heaven's Fallen LR
Mortal Gods Final_small
Hell's Ascendant Final V2 Small

These are the covers of Heaven’s FallenMortal Gods, Hell’s Ascendant, and the Mantles of Power Omnibus, each of which were illustrated by Nguyen Uy Vu, and he does amazing work, in my opinion! I’d give more information about the characters illustrated, but… spoilers!

This is a picture of Roselynn by Shizen1102, which I commissioned as a potential cover for the series omnibus.

Rose LR by Dhamca

This is a piece by Dhamca that I commissioned for my Patrons, as a runner-up of sorts. This is a rendition of Roselynn Emberborn, one of the major characters of the series.

This is artwork of Anna, funded by my Patrons and painted by Ayie OlaerArt (Facebook Link).