LS Omnibus Volume 2

Lilith’s Shadow Omnibus Volume 2 (Kindle Format January 2022)

Lilith’s Shadow Omnibus Volume 2 (Paperback Format January 2022)

Lilith’s Shadow Omnibus Volume 2 Audiobook (TBA)


This book is a collection of the fourth through sixth books of the Lilith’s Shadow series: Queen of DiamondsQueen’s Journey, and Queen’s Gambit.

Out of the frying pan, and into the fire.

Lilith’s life has been nothing if not eventful since she was decanted from her cloning tank. She’s encountered heroes and supervillains, survived attempts on her life, fought against supervillains, and moved to Paragon City. Unfortunately for her, superhumans like herself are prone to coincidences, even when villainous organizations aren’t targeting her. Which they most certainly are.

The invitation to attend a superhero convention is an innocuous start for her, one which allows her to attend with her lovers Gina and Rachel. Yet the plans of numerous other groups are closing in, and Lilith has no idea how powerful some of the people watching her are.

The question isn’t just if Lilith can survive the various plots. Can she become who she desires to be?