Eve of Destruction Art

This is some of the artwork I’ve commissioned for Eve of Destruction!

These pieces were illustrated by Mario Wibisono, who did an amazing job bringing Evelyn to life after I ran into a couple of disappointing pieces.

Here we have a piece by Mansik Yang as well!

It isn’t really fan-art if I commission it, right? Anyway, this is art of Evelyn illustrated by Hyde!

This piece was illustrated by Michal Kváč, an incredibly skilled, considerate artist who put this together inside a week! I’m really happy with how it turned out, and it was my initial cover art for Chosen of Chaos.

Painted by TDark135, this piece ended up just a little too… suggestive for me to be comfortable using as a cover of one of my books. It’s a lovely art piece, but not what I was going for, unfortunately. I am using it as inspiration for a scene in Adept of Chaos, though!

Painted by Michelle Hoefener, unfortunately this piece didn’t turn out anywhere near the quality that I hoped for, despite being the first of the pieces I commissioned.