Born a Queen

First book of Lilith’s Shadow, a superhero series in my Stars & Shadows universe.

Born A Queen Cover v2 LR

Born a Queen (Kindle Format October 2017) Book 1

Born a Queen (Paperback Format October 2017) Book 1

Born a Queen Audiobook (December 2017)


For some, hopes, dreams, and ambitions come easily. Not so much for Lilith. Created by one of the most feared supervillains, Shadowmind, she has no past of her own and only a passing familiarity with the world as it is. With a death sentence hanging over her head due to who created her and how, she escaped into the world to see and explore, and perhaps find a meaning to her life. There she encounters heroes and villains alike, including those who brought her maker to justice.

Gina and Rachel are superheroines in San Francisco, and freak chance brings them into contact with Lilith. As they interact, the three grow to be friends… but with villains after them, who knows what the future will bring?