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This page is being updated as new books become available. To my shock, I’m starting on my second series, so it’s time to update more.

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Ancient Dreams

This is the first trilogy that I wrote, and perhaps less polished than more recent writing, but… it’s where everything began. Please note that this is a somewhat dark series, at least to start with.

Ancient Ruins Cover

Ancient Ruins (Kindle Format January 2017) Book 1

Ancient Ruins (Paperback Format March 2017) Book 1

Ancient Ruins Audiobook (May, 2017) Amazon, Audible, iTunes


Sistina awakened after millennia of dormancy, her memories in tatters and born anew. Residing in the ruins of an ancient city, she finds herself drawn into a war between two elven nations and the slaver kingdom of Kelvanis when she rescues a princess from slavery. With her domain containing hints of forgotten knowledge, Sistina becomes a dungeon, stronghold, and source of hope all at once. And perhaps, just perhaps, she could finally find love in her new life.

Spells of Old Cover

Spells of Old (Kindle Format April 2017) Book 2

Spells of Old (Paperback Format April 2017) Book 2

Spells of Old Audiobook (July 2017) Amazon, Audible, iTunes


Having successfully driven off an assault and freed captives of Kelvanis, Sistina begins fortifying to defend those she cares about from further attacks. Yet with all her power within her halls, she cannot grant those under her protection true freedom. To truly bring hope to her love, Sistina must delve into who she once was, and bring forth every scrap of magic she has to become a shining beacon of hope.

Sadly, Kelvanis’ plans are only mildly impeded by her efforts up until now, and they will stop at nothing to bring their ends about. The only question is, whose side is time on?

Halls of Power Cover

Halls of Power (Kindle Format August 2017) Book 3

Halls of Power (Paperback Format August 2017) Book 3

Halls of Power Audiobook (October 2017) Amazon, Audible, iTunes


Having rocked the world via high magic that was believed lost, the dungeon Sistina has shown her power at last, as she has done everything in her power to protect those that she loves. Crowned queen of the new city of Beacon, Phynis Constella is searching for allies as full-scale war erupts between her homeland of Sifaren and the fell nation of Kelvanis.

Each side must use everything in their power to defeat the other, but with the threat of the goddess Tyria looming, there can be only one victor. Long-waiting plans at last are rising to a head, and even Sistina is uncertain of whether or not she can survive them. But for her beloved Queen, she is willing to risk anything.

This is the final chapter of the Ancient Dreams Trilogy.

Marin's Codex Cover LR

Marin’s Codex (Kindle Format January 2018)

Marin’s Codex (Paperback Format January 2018)

Marin’s Codex Audiobook (March 2018) Amazon, Audible, iTunes


This is a prequel to the Ancient Dreams trilogy, but is best read after the other volumes.

Some mysteries are shrouded by both time and wars long since past. One of these mysteries revolves around the discovery of the true nature of magic, and the High Mage who ushered in a new era of understanding. Her name was Marin, and her life’s work was consumed in the writing of her research.

This is Marin’s story, and that of her only student, Emonael, as they completed her research. They faced many trials together, and grew to respect one another as few have ever understood, even as others sought to silence the threat she posed to their power.

This volume also contains a novella, Into the Eternal Wood, a story about Sistina Constella of the Kingdom of Everium.

Lilith’s Shadow

This series will be following Lilith Carpenter, a character in my Stars & Shadows superhero universe. It’s primarily a lesbian romance with a bit of slice of life, and lots of other plot elements in the background. I’m curious to see what people make of it.

Born A Queen Cover v2 LR

Born a Queen (Kindle Format October 2017) Book 1

Born a Queen (Paperback Format October 2017) Book 1

Born a Queen Audiobook (December 2017) Amazon, Audible, iTunes


For some, hopes, dreams, and ambitions come easily. Not so much for Lilith. Created by one of the most feared supervillains, Shadowmind, she has no past of her own and only a passing familiarity with the world as it is. With a death sentence hanging over her head due to who created her and how, she escaped into the world to see and explore, and perhaps find a meaning to her life. There she encounters heroes and villains alike, including those who brought her maker to justice.

Gina and Rachel are superheroines in San Francisco, and freak chance brings them into contact with Lilith. As they interact, the three grow to be friends… but with villains after them, who knows what the future will bring?

Down with the Queen Cover LR

Down with the Queen (Kindle Format March 2018) Book 2

Down with the Queen (Paperback Format October 2018) Book 2

Down with the Queen Audiobook (May 2018) Amazon, Audible, iTunes


Despite all odds, Lilith has gained acceptance from two heroines who should hate and fear her very existence. Gina and Rachel have agreed to help Lilith attempt to get the death sentence on her head rescinded, but they have to work carefully. Their time runs short, though; Doctor Johnson’s plots advance, and other villains are infiltrating San Francisco.

In the end, the question becomes what to do when Lilith’s identity is discovered and all hell breaks loose. Despite the risk of death bearing down on her, Lilith decides that she’s tired of simply running away.

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