The Books

This page is updated as new books become available. Each book will be listed under its series and will have a link to the individual book page.

Ancient Dreams

This is the first trilogy that I wrote, and perhaps less polished than more recent writing, but… it’s where everything began. Please note that this is a somewhat dark series, at least to start with.

Ancient Dreams is primarily a trilogy involving Sistina, a genius loci (or dungeon) who gets involved in a war between the fell kingdom of Kelvanis and its attempts to conquer and magically enslave the inhabitants of the elven kingdoms of Sifaren and Yisara.

Lilith’s Shadow

This series will be following Lilith Carpenter, a character in my Stars & Shadows superhero universe. It’s primarily a lesbian romance with a bit of slice of life, and lots of other plot elements in the background. I’m curious to see what people make of it.

Through the Fire

This is the story of Ruethwyn Sylaris, a young elven mage from a small village. When her home is destroyed along with her family, her teacher is killed, and the handful of survivors are kidnapped by the dragon Resvarygrath, including the girl Ruethwyn loved, she’s left for dead. This is her quest to restore her body and rescue Anara, as well as for Ruethwyn to find the confidence and friends she needs to succeed.