The Obsidian Palace

Book 3 of Through the Fire, and the end of the current chapter of the story!

The Obsidian Palace Cover LR

The Obsidian Palace (Kindle Format January 2019) Book 3

The Obsidian Palace (Paperback Format January 2019) Book 3


Ruethwyn’s life may have been destroyed, but now she’s ready.

With the blessing of the fey and others who she barely dares dream of, Ruethwyn’s body is whole once more. Turning to the future, she sets her sight on her beloved who was stolen away by a dragon. Yet even with all her magic at her command, Ruethwyn stands little chance against such a powerful foe, so she must tread lightly.

Other foes threaten to halt Ruethwyn’s efforts even now, though, foes that would kill her or imprison her. With her friends at her side, Ruethwyn will face any threats that stand in her way, especially since her friends have become dearer than she’d imagined. Still, any romance will have to wait, for at long last Ruethwyn can act.

The only question is if she’s ready for an unexpected figure from her past. A figure she thought gone forever.