The Obsidian Palace

Book 3 of Through the Fire, and the end of the current chapter of the story!

The Obsidian Palace Cover LR

The Obsidian Palace (Kindle Format January 2019) Book 3

The Obsidian Palace (Paperback Format January 2019) Book 3


Ruethwyn’s body had been made whole and her magic restored in the Frostglades to the north, though in a way she’d never anticipated. Supported by her friends, at long last, she looks to the future and her ultimate goal, to rescue those who Resvarygrath had stolen from her.

The odds against her are steep, though, for the dark elf Essryl is only one of the opponents she’ll have to face, as enemies and allies begin to gather. Once she makes her final preparations, Ruethwyn will delve into the Golden Dominion and make her way to the Obsidian Palace.

Only then will she learn whether or not she prepared enough.