Beesong Chronicles Art

Here is where we’ll be putting artwork for Beesong Chronicles! At present I have three pieces, so let’s get to it!

Sting & Song Final Small
Webs & Wards Small

These three pieces were painted by Domina Art, and depict Joy, of the Beesong Chronicles. I especially love the first, as I learned a bit on how to request art that looks a bit better, at least in my opinion!

Joy Final LR

This was a different piece that was the original cover of Sting & Song, painted by Loputon, who did a lovely job with relatively few examples from me. I would still be using the piece for the cover, if it weren’t for me wanting the same artist across the entire series.

And here we have Stella by Deti! I’m not sure I like the oversized mace and gloves, but I like it overall!

Here is some concept art of the different apis roles, illustrated by VivianMeow. Most of the apis are generic, but I asked for the worker and attendant to be based on the Shadebough and Shimmerwood hives, respectively.

The Beesong Omnibus cover art, by Jiuge.

Brianna and Stella, by Crystal Rain.