Series Status

This is a list of the current status and priorities of my various series. I will try to keep it up to date.

  • Ancient Dreams – Complete. The plan when I wrote it was to just have a trilogy, and Crisis of Faith is more of an extended epilogue. While it is possible I may write a book or series about Sistina’s children, I consider it unlikely. I am looking at getting a new version of the audiobooks recorded when I get the rights back in 2024, but that’s a long-term plan. Priority: Low.
  • Beesong Chronicles – I have the vague strokes of a second trilogy sketched out in my head, with the titles Apis & Asps, Runes & Ruins, and Serpents & Secrets reserved for them. Reserved in my head, anyway. It’s just a matter of getting to the series. Unfortunately, it’s only been modestly successful as a series, so it isn’t quite as high of a priority, putting it a hair behind Through the Fire. Priority: Moderate.
  • Broken Chains – This is a strange one, as I’ve never published it off my Patreon. I’ve heard a little about it, but not a whole lot, so I haven’t had much impetus to continue. I could probably write a book or two, but I suspect I don’t have the muse for it. Priority: Low.
  • Eve of Destruction – This is my most successful series since Ancient Dreams, with only two books having made 50% more than Beesong Chronicles, Mantles of Power, or Through the Fire individually, and half as much as Lilith’s Shadow. Beyond that, unlike Ancient Dreams I intended this series to be episodic from the beginning, so it doesn’t have a real end point. Add to that my muse being excited about writing it, and it’s pretty much a perfect storm. Secondary note, I’ve been thinking about how to wrangle merging Second Contact into the setting, and think I’ve succeeded, even if it’d require redoing some aspects of Second Contact. Priority: High.
  • Liliths Shadow – Complete (for now). With six books this is by far my longest series, and I enjoy Lilith and her friends. I hope to continue writing about her at some point, but not right now. I’ve been idly noodling around with the idea of putting together an anthology with the A Date Gone Awry stories, possibly with a new entry or two, but it hasn’t gone anywhere yet. Priority: Low.
  • Mantles of Power – Complete. This series was moderately successful, but not incredible. It’s part of the multi-series ‘it did alright’ set, so I don’t have a lot of enthusiasm to look at continuing it. Besides, the story I was going for is complete, even if there are plot seeds that I could pick up. Priority: Low.
  • Soul Bound – Essentially complete. Audio production is going to start shortly after it comes out, but… even compared to other series this one has under-performed. It doesn’t have anywhere to go after this book, though, so it’s pretty much done. Priority: Low.
  • Talyns Saga – I just barely released the first book in this series, so it’d better be pretty high on my list. I like how the characters interact, and have some fun ideas in mind for book two, so I’d like to get to it sooner rather than later. Priority: High.
  • Through the Fire – I’ve been promising a second arc to this series since it came out, and I think it’s time. It was only moderately successful, but I’m not willing to let it languish forever, so this is pretty high on my priority list. Honestly, it’s mostly competing with Talyn’s Saga for next after Eve of Destruction. Priority: High.
  • Touching Divinity – The only reason this is on the list is because I’ve had people ask about it periodically. Touching Divinity was a short story/novella intended to be self-contained. I don’t intend to continue it at any point. Priority: None.