This is supposed to be about me, I suppose? Well, I may as well list a little about myself.

I’m Benjamin Medrano, call me Ben. I was born in 1985, and grew up in Utah, which is a surprisingly geeky state. Growing up… well, you all know that kid in classes who sat in the back, reading a book, and the teacher always had to tell to put the book down? That was me. I became something of an outcast in 6th grade, and retreated into books. I’ve read an enormous number, but I’ve always focused on Fantasy and Science Fiction.

I first tried writing in January of 2002, I believe. I wasn’t finding stories I liked, so I decided I’d write a story with the material I wanted. I did finish the story, but… let’s just say that the story will never see the light of day again. Ever. It was those stories that led me to join the 3.0 Dungeons & Dragons game that one of the people at the local hobby shop was running for new players. I was young, enthusiastic, and utterly enthralled by the possibilities of the game, in spite of the fact I’ve come to realize that the Game Master was the single worst person at running games I have ever encountered. He chose to kill off the characters, but my fervor didn’t dim.

My love of storytelling has created thousands of pages of half-written novels. I admit this freely, most of it is garbage. I’ve also run D&D games ever since, though I’ve since changed to Pathfinder as my preferred system. I did try 4th edition, but the base chassis did not allow for the types of storytelling and world coherence I needed at the time. I’ve also created dozens of classes, hundreds of items, and gotten a single product published for Pathfinder through a 3rd party publisher.

We’ll see where I will go now, but I’ve found that my imagination is not quite as… scattershot as it once was. Perhaps more books and more game material is in the offing.