Queen of Ice

Book 2 of Through the Fire, there’s not much more to be said about this one!

Queen of Ice Cover LR

Queen of Ice (Kindle Format November 2018) Book 2

Queen of Ice (Paperback Format November 2018) Book 2


Ruethwyn hadn’t expected to risk death while attending the most renowned mage academy in the kingdom, but after surviving a dragon’s attack, she hadn’t been willing to back down. Though she’d nearly died due to her efforts, Ruethwyn managed to protect the lives of her friends and earn the grudging respect of some of her opponents.

With most danger out of the way, Ruethwyn finds herself free to focus on finishing out the school year, and for the task beyond that. Having learned of a faint possibility to remove the curse preventing her missing arm and eye from being regenerated, Ruethwyn looks to the frozen, deadly fey lands of the Frostglades to the north. There, she hopes to find not only the way to restore her body, but also to find allies who might aid her in recovering the other survivors of Mellesyn from Resvarygrath’s draconic grasp.

Fortunately for her, Ruethwyn never believed that her quest would be easy. Her only fear is that the enigmatic dark elf who saved her life will find Ruethwyn unworthy and choose to end her journey before it truly begins.