November 19th Update

As of yesterday, Marin’s Codex hit ~52,500 words. This is the point that I scratch my head and wonder where the story is taking me. It’s relatively slow in a lot of ways, winding its way through things, and it’s surprised me in several ways. Still, I have no clue where it’ll end. My hope of having […]

November 12th Update

Marin’s Codex is up to ~41,500 words, give or take a bit. Going to try to work on it a little today, but I’m guessing this is my winter slump. It may also be because of the sense of pressure the story gives… but who knows? Besides, it’s just excuses. I’m making progress, and expect […]

November 5th Update

So, Marin’s Codex is at ~35,000 words, give or take a bit. Not quite where I hoped to have it this week, but good enough that I don’t feel too bad with a holiday and dealing with root canals and the like this past week. More of the latter in the upcoming week (mostly the aftermath), […]

Mid-Week Musings

I haven’t done a mid-week update in a while, partially because I’ve been somewhat brain-dead in some ways, and partially because of the dental issues I mentioned on Sunday. They’re being dealt with, but I’m not done yet. This year, I’m not participating in NaNoWriMo, in large part because I’m working on Marin’s Codex. I’ll probably […]

October 29th Update

So, since I neglected to give an update last week, Marin’s Codex, one of the parts of Before the Godsrage, has reached ~27,500 words. At 40,000 words it graduates from novella to novel, and I fully expect it to reach that point. Who knows, it might turn into a full novel of its own! We’ll see what happens […]

A Year In Memory

Today marks an important date to me, and not just because I released Born a Queen yesterday. One year ago at 6 PM, I got off work at my seasonal position and, as I’d told the assistant manager at the time, I quietly left with no intention of ever going back due to the mess the […]