January 24th 2021 Update

I edited Chosen of Chaos this past week, and I’m pretty happy with how it’s turning out. I’ve also scheduled it with the editor, so as long as I can finish my final edit on time, I should be able to release it the first or second week of March. I’ll probably schedule the pre-order […]

January 17th 2021 Update

This past week was half vacation, half me trying to figure out what to do next while waiting for some feedback on Chosen of Chaos. I wrote some on Broken Chains but not much, as I was working past some writer’s block where it was concerned. I did get feedback on Chosen of Chaos, though, […]

January 10th 2021 Update

This past week I finished the rough draft of Chosen of Chaos. It’s about 113,000 words, but I may modify it more based on some initial feedback. I’m not sure when it’ll be released yet, in part because I’m waiting on cover art. On the whole I’m happy with it, even if it doesn’t really […]

January 3rd 2021 Update

So, my first act of 2021 was simple. I’ve sent the manuscript of Queen’s Journey off to the editor, and while I did some writing on Chosen of Chaos, I decided to go with my goals for the new year, and took almost all of Friday and Saturday off. I still did a little writing […]