June 20th 2021 Update

Alright, not much got done this week. I did another editing pass on my side project, then sent it off to my editor to take a look at it. Then I spent two days reading a whole pile of books and essentially ignoring the world, so… yeah, not much happened. However, I did want to […]

June 13th 2021 Update

Queen’s Gambit is out, and it looks like people have enjoyed it! That’s a heck of a relief for me, simply because I was worried I might flub the ending. I’m glad I didn’t! As for the audiobook, it’ll be recorded in September, so it’ll be a few months yet. With Queen’s Gambit out of […]

June 6th 2021 Update

Queen’s Gambit comes out tomorrow! I am really, really excited to see what people think of the finale of the arc I’ve been planning. I’m not going to claim I’m not nervous, but… eh, what else is new? Here’s the link below! Queen’s Gambit on Amazon.com Not much else is going on right now, save […]

May 30th 2021 Update

A bit to share this week, so I’ll get into it. I’ve been working on a story that I started all the way back in 2017 called Broken Chains, and which was up on my website as a short story for a while, as only four chapters. It isn’t anymore, because I’m trying to figure […]