An Irrepressible Imagination

So, I actually was trying to take a short vacation from writing or editing. Born a Queen is at the editor, and I hired a proof-listener to go through Halls of Power to find errors, as I found that I really don’t enjoy going over the manuscript at the same time as the text. I figured that […]

September 17th Update

Last night I sent Born a Queen off to the editor, so it’s away! I’m not sure how quickly it’ll get back to me, but unlike prior books, I’m not going to move up the release date a ton. Anticipate that it’ll be out around October 21st, and you’ll be pretty close to right. And I’ll […]

September 10th Update

So, I mentioned that I started on the second round of edits to Born a Queen. I’m currently a little less than halfway through the story, reading it aloud to spot more errors. The length hasn’t been impacted much as of yet, so things are looking good. I’m also looking at different audiobook narrators for Born a […]

BaQ Progress!

So, yesterday I got feedback from the last of my Alpha Reader team on Born a Queen, and today I’m starting my second round of work on the book. There are a few things to tweak, but to my relief they didn’t find any horribly warped monstrosities within that I needed to nuke from orbit. I’ll […]

September 3rd Update

Good news! I finished the re-write of Born a Queen, and it’s currently sitting at a little over 93,000 words. The bad news is that, depending on the opinions of my first-line readers, some of that may get axed. Currently half of them have gotten back to me, and they are recommending it get left mostly […]

Mid-Week Randomness!

So, several things to update people on, most of it random. First off, the re-write of Born a Queen is going well. Apparently I needed the potential panic of not being able to use the same editor to light a fire under my arse. I expect to finish this week, at the rate I’m going, at […]

August 27th Update

So, Born a Queen is coming along well in editing. I’m halfway through it, and trying to accelerate things. This is at least partially prompted by news that if I don’t get it done quickly enough, I may not be able to use my usual editor, which is going to make things… interesting on my end. […]