March 19th 2023 Update

I got to work on Talyn: Unyielding this past week, and it’s currently up to about 12,500 words. Not a huge number, but it’s getting moving! I expect to be slightly curtailed this coming week due to getting Dawn of Chaos ready to publish, but that’s normal enough. It’s not going to be for certain, […]

March 12th 2023 Update

The editor is working on Dawn of Chaos, but unfortunately the cover art isn’t done yet, so I don’t have the pre-order up yet. As I’m getting impatient, I’ll likely put up a placeholder cover instead to get things moving, which will happen in the next few days. Mostly it’s a question of when Amazon […]

March 5th 2023 Update

Dawn of Chaos is off to the editor, and I’m waiting on the artwork, which was coming along very well as of the last update. I’m not entirely sure what I’ll be working on this coming week… I may take part of it to rest and recover, since I pushed myself pretty hard this past […]

February 26th 2023 Update

Alright, this past week I took some time off to rest and recover. My alpha team has been going over Dawn of Chaos, and some things definitely need to be adjusted, but nothing feels too huge as of yet. I’ll be starting the final edit this week, and hopefully have the book off to my […]

February 19th 2023 Update

The first draft of Dawn of Chaos is complete, and I’m waiting on my alpha team to go over it before starting on my next editing pass. The book is currently about 130,000 words, more with frontmatter and backmatter. Due to some difficulties on my editor’s side I’m not setting up a pre-order just yet, […]