Princess Phynis Art

A couple of weeks ago I decided to ask June Jenssen which of my characters she’d like to paint, and in her response she gave a couple of ideas. One of them was Phynis, and I decided to pay for the painting, since Phynis hasn’t gotten as much attention as Sistina has, on the whole. […]

May 19th 2019 Update

Hell’s Ascendant is up to ~45,000 words, and coming along well. I’m unsure of the exact length it’ll be, but it might be shorter than the other books, as I tend not to want to draw out action scenes. Overall I’m in good spirits regarding it, and the art for the cover is coming along nicely! […]

May 12th 2019 Update

Hell’s Ascendant is up to 32,500 words, and is proving a little harder to write than either of the previous two books of the trilogy, though I suspect that’s because I’ve been pushing myself hard so far this year. I’ve already decided to take a couple of weeks off after I finish the book, since […]

May 5th 2019 Update

Hell’s Ascendant is up to 20,000 words, so it’s coming along reasonably well after a rocky start. Switching gears definitely messed with my productivity, but I’m doing better at this point, and hoping I can get ti done in time for an editing date in July. I’ve also ordered cover art for Hell’s Ascendant, and am […]

April 28th 2019 Update

Mortal Gods is at the editor, and as soon as I get it back it’s going to the narrator to be turned into an audiobook, so it’ll be ready for the July release date easily. I’ve also begun Hell’s Ascendant, and it’s at about 7,500 words. I’ll be honest, this one makes me nervous… the sheer scale […]

April 21st 2019 Update

First off, I’m happy with how the release of Heaven’s Fallen has gone, and even if it’s not doing the best of my books, it’s doing rather well! Everyone who purchased it, thank you very much, I deeply appreciate it, and if you’d consider leaving a review, I’d deeply appreciate it. In further news, I should finish the […]

April 14th 2019 Update

Heaven’s Fallen is officially released tomorrow, April 15th! Or, you know, today for those of you who’re time travelers from the future. Anyway, I’m really excited for it’s launch, and hope everyone who reads it enjoys the book! Additionally, the pre-order for Mortal Gods is live as well! While it’s up, I want to warn that […]