April 23rd Update

So, first off, good news! The audiobook of Ancient Ruins is finally complete, after being delayed by the narrator getting sick. It’s currently in the process of being checked by Audible, and should go live in 8-12 more days. I’ll announce it when it’s done. Secondly, apparently I just needed a change of pace, because I […]

World Tree Art

I believe that yesterday I promised artwork, yes? Well, here it comes. This is a picture of the World Tree before the Godsrage. Yes, there’s a dragon in the picture. It’s either ridiculously huge, or a fair bit closer to  the front of the picture than the tree is. Once again, this picture was done […]

An Update

Yes, I know it’s not Sunday. I also know that I just put out a book last Saturday. However, I find myself unable to not talk. I may be slightly anxious as a whole… anyway! Short Story/Novella (just did research, it’s on the cusp of being a Novella) about Sistina Constella has been titled Into the Eternal […]

Rambling on Writing

I’ve said before I’ve been stunned that I’ve done so well with writing. It’s slightly perplexing to me, but it’s possible that people don’t understand why this is. It’s also possible people wondered how I managed to get to this point. Honestly? I have no idea. But I decided to write up a long page […]

Plans Going Forward

One of my big things that I promised myself when I decided to become an author was to be honest with my readers and fans. I may not tell all of you everything, but if I’m not going to answer a question, it’s either because I somehow missed it, or I will tell you that […]

April 16th Update

Progress on books has been slow since my wife was let go from her job. I’ve been experimenting with different ways to keep focus, and it’s difficult. In the end, I’m planning to set up my new writing laptop in the other room and work from there. That being said, I have about 4k words […]