Giving Thanks

So, I should preface this by stating my wife’s name is Jessica. If you’ve looked at the dedications page of my books, you’ve seen her name. If it weren’t for Jessica, you wouldn’t have read or be reading Ancient Ruins, Spells of Old, or anything else of mine. Every time I’ve started a story, Jessica has encouraged me. […]

May 21st Update

Right. So, I tried to increase my daily production to 3,000 words during the week, hoping to get Halls of Power to 50,000 words, and I succeeded… technically, anyways. I didn’t manage it during the week, but I managed to barely squeak by to 50k overall last night. It was a rough week, both for inspiration […]

Surprise Super-Story!

I moved a few pages around, and named my setting with its superpowers! I had to weasel-word a bit. For those that don’t know? Marvel and DC have trademarks on the word Superhero, so you can’t put up a book which has that name on the cover or description without them nailing you to a […]

Sale Incoming

So, as of tomorrow Ancient Ruins is on a newsletter going out through Robin Reads, and at the same time I’m putting it on sale for $0.99 for a week. I don’t know if anyone who’s reading here will care, but I thought I should let people know.

May 14th Update

On Friday I mentioned that I’ve had a number of distractions this past week that slowed me down. I should also mention that I hit a point in Halls of Power that was… emotionally distressing to me. I’ve worked past it, but I’ve ended up with only about 35,000 words, which is short of where I […]

An Interruption

So, yesterday was fun. I woke up expecting to get lots of writing done, then to run my semi-regular Pathfinder game in the evening. I don’t think I’d mentioned this, but my brother had been staying with my wife and I while he was going to college. Things wrapped up, and I knew he was going […]

Worldbuilding: Magitech

So, I’ve had an idea running through my head the last few days that has refused to let go, mostly for a setting. I’ve written down the basics, but I can’t help but keep thinking about it, so I thought I’d share. This idea is inspired by several very different games, movies, and series. Grand Central […]