May 28th 2023 Update

Talyn: Unyielding is up to about 125,000 words, and I think the end is in sight! I’m guessing I’ll finish the rough draft next week, but there’s no way to be sure until I get there. I’ve enjoyed the story, even if it’s definitely more slice of life than anything else. For those wondering about […]

May 21st 2023 Update

Talyn: Unyielding is up to ~112,500 words, despite me having to deal with the sound of a jackhammer this past week. The price of needing to replace the front driveway, among other things. No promises on a full week of writing this coming week, since I’m not sure how disruptive the remainder of the work […]

May 14th 2023 Update

So, I was on vacation this past week, so I didn’t get a lot done. I did add a bit to Talyn: Unyielding, getting it up to about 100,000 words, though. Though there’s something else to share… A few weeks ago I shared a survey, and I decided I should go through the results, at […]

May 7th 2023 Update

Talyn: Unyielding is up to approximately 95,000 words, and I’m rather happy with how it’s coming together. It’s more of a slice of life story, much like Talyn: Rebirth, but I expected that. There’s never been much of an overarching plot to the series. In other news, my wife and I are taking a bit […]

April 30th 2023 Update

Talyn: Unyielding is up to about 82,500 words. A little less than I’d hoped, but one of the days this week was not conducive to writing. It’s really unfortunate, but that’s how it goes sometimes. Some days it just seems like nothing goes right. The Series Survey has been going well, and responses have tapered […]