August 2nd 2020 Update

This week wasn’t great, but I still have Dusk Gate up to ~50,000 words. Not only that, but tomorrow is the release day for Hives & Heroism! I really hope that you all enjoy it! In other news, I just got back new cover art for Halls of Power, completing the re-design of the original trilogy. The art […]

July 26th 2020 Update

This last week I tentatively got back to work. I didn’t get as much done as I wanted to, but since Dusk Gate was already well on its way, I wrote a bit less than 5,000 words, bringing it to about 45,000 words. I’m probably going to be a bit slow on this one at first […]

July 19th 2020 Update

Whoops, I’m a bit late with this today. I was planning out what I was going to say yesterday, and utterly spaced writing it. I think my vacation is pretty much done, so I’m going to ease my way back into writing. After consulting my subconscious, I think that I’m going to work on Dusk Gate and […]

July 12th 2020 Update

My vacation is ongoing, so I’m going to keep this pretty brief. I haven’t done much this week, but I’ve finished a short story about Emonael after the events of Marin’s Codex (only ~7400 words, so not long), and I’ve worked a bit on my Pathfinder 2e adventure, which has been difficult so far. I’m curious […]