RPG Misadventures

Once again, I’m telling the story of me, as a Game Master, shaking my head at the group of players. In this particular case, I must add a certain belief among gamers that if you’re in a romantic relationship with the Game Master, you’re likely to get a lot more treasure customized for you, and […]

July 23rd Update

As I mentioned a few days ago, Halls of Power is off to the editor. I originally scheduled for the editor’s time starting on the 24th, so I have no clue if this will just leave it in their In Box, or if they’ll start early. Either way, I’m on schedule. If I do get the book […]

Halls of Power: Off to Editor

I must give thanks to my Alpha and Beta readers. Without them, innumerable minor errors could have slipped past, and the version of Halls of Power which I sent to the editor a few minutes ago would be much less satisfying. I think it would have been fairly satisfying, but not in as many of ways. As a […]

Corrected Teaser Link

I woke up to a message from someone saying that they weren’t sure if I was trolling or had made a mistake. It was the latter, and I fixed the link. Here’s a correct one for the teaser, along with having fixed the old one: Halls of Power Prologue

Halls of Power Teaser!

Focused on editing, so don’t have time for more RPG Misadventures! Instead, I give you a link to the draft of the prologue of Halls of Power! I hope you enjoy it! Edit: Link fixed. Teaches me to try to link to a page going live at the same time as a blog post. *grumbles*

June 16th Update

Halls of Power is coming along pretty well. I finished my first round of editing, and am now working on my second round, where I’m trying reading it aloud to find missing words and badly phrased sections. This is creating a lot of changes.  After that it’ll go to my wife and then to the […]