October 21st 2018 Update

I started writing The Obsidian Palace this past week, and it’s got ~6,000 words. Not a ton, but I was trying to start slow and build up to things. I’m looking forward to getting moving on it, and am also nervous about things that’re going to happen in it. One thing I’m also concerned about is […]

October 7th 2018 Update

So, got the final pieces of feedback on Queen of Ice, and started the next step of editing. I’m not enormously far along so far, only about 15% of the way through the document, but it’s coming along reasonably well. Besides, the first part of the book is always the hardest to edit, since it takes […]

Musings of an Author

Maybe I’ve been a bit introspective lately, but I think this is something I’ve been thinking about for a while and I just wanted to share. I’ve loved fantasy for almost as long as I can remember, that and science fiction. Growing up, I vaguely remember watching part of the cartoon version of The Hobbit when […]