March 7th 2021 Update

The release of Chosen of Chaos went pretty well, and I’m happy for the most part! There was one thing, and I think that’s that I didn’t manage expectations of the story quite right, just based on some of the reviews. Despite me being mildly concerned that the lack of an overarching plot pushing things […]

February 28th 2021 Update

Queen’s Gambit is up to ~17,500 words, give or take, and coming along nicely. I’d be farther along, but things didn’t work out on that. I’ll go into it a little here in a minute, but I’m definitely going to have some delays this upcoming week. My editor got Chosen of Chaos back to me […]

February 7th 2021 Update

Queen’s Journey has had a pretty good launch, and so far it looks like the majority of those who’ve read it like the book! That makes me happy, as I always get nervous about releases. For those of you who’ve read it, if you’d consider leaving a review or rating, I’d deeply appreciate it. Reviews […]