December 23rd 2018 Update

I finished editing The Obsidian Palace this past week and sent it off to the editor. He’s busy (or on vacation) until January, so the book isn’t coming out early, alas. It should be out before the audiobook of Queen of Ice, as a matter of fact. Oh, and yes, Queen of Ice should be out by sometime […]

December 16th 2018 Update

Since I have several weeks before the editor can get to The Obsidian Palace, I’ve been taking the last stage of editing slow. I’m over halfway done, and expect to finish this week, even with an expected interruption tomorrow. Heaven’s Fallen is coming along slowly, as I expected it to. I’m only doing a fifth of […]

Calendar of Senkar

On Sunday I mentioned that I was going to go over the calendar of Through the Fire, and possibly some other stuff. I’m going to start with the calendar, and we’ll see where things go from there. In the world of Senkar, the months are based on a lunar calendar, one similar to our own, but […]

December 9th 2018 Update

The Obsidian Palace has been read my Alpha readers. Overall, the reactions to it have been extremely favorable, though there are a few points that need polish, which makes me happy. That means I’ll be starting the next stage of the editing process this week. With things there at an ebb, I’ve managed to start […]

December 2nd 2018 Update

I finished the rough draft of The Obsidian Palace on Friday, and the book came to just under 119,000 words in total, though with the summary and character list it’s likely closer to 117,000 words. The length of my books often grows somewhat during the editing process, which begins tomorrow, so I expect that the story […]

November 25th 2018 Update

I survived Thanksgiving, and The Obsidian Palace is up to 92,500-ish words. I’m not sure exactly how much is left of the story, but I can confidently say that it’ll be over 100,000 words. That means it’s going to be ready well in advance of my deadline, which is a relief. This past week the audiobook […]