November 28th 2021 Update

Alright, I got things done this past week, despite the holiday! Talyn: Rebirth is up to a touch over 97,000 words, and the rough draft is complete. I fully expect the editing to be extensive, but we’ll see when I go through it. I also have a cover in-progress for it, so we’ll see what things look like when both of those are done. I’d guess a January release, but that’s very much a guess at this point.

I also have art back from an artist for the next Through the Fire book, which I’ll be sharing next week, and I’m really excited to do so. Things are moving again, and hopefully that means I can get Soul Bound 2 out, then work on the next project. I’m torn between Mistress of Chaos and Through the Fire. Probably Mistress of Chaos, honestly. My wife is trying to write a story in the universe, too! We’ll see where that goes!

Anyway, nothing else to say this week. Progress!

2 thoughts on “November 28th 2021 Update

  1. woohoo, progress! Glad to hear it sounds like you have turned the corner on your slump.
    Does your wife get to reserve ‘Wife of Chaos’ for her story? Or the other way, Husband of Chaos, or Boyfriend of Chaos? (don’t think there’s an equivalent of Mistress… boy-toy of Chaos?) ;) Heh, sorry. Anyway, probably don’t get many opportunities to use Mistress and ‘my wife’ in sentences next to each other and not get in trouble :D


  2. Heh, yeah, those would be silly. She’s doing something involving werewolves and vampires, so likely to be very different. I know she mentioned the working title, but I can’t remember it off-hand. I’ve got another story I’d like to write in the same universe, but it’s pretty far down the list at the moment.

    I’m hoping I get over the slump entirely myself! We’ll see.


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