January 20th 2019 Update

So, this week I started editing Heaven’s Fallen and writing Crisis of Faith. I don’t have much written on Crisis of Faith yet, only about 5,000 words, but it’s a start. The story was astoundingly easy to slip into, which is good. I debated on waiting on Heaven’s Fallen, but I really would like to finish it up for […]

Heaven’s Fallen Info

So, yesterday The Obsidian Palace came out, and I’m happy with the response it’s received so far! I’m happy people seem to be enjoying it so far, but at the same time I got a question in the comments for Sunday. I was asked to give non-Patreon supporters a description of what Heaven’s Fallen was about. That […]

January 13th 2019 Update

So, The Obsidian Palace releases tomorrow (or has released in some parts of the world)! The paperback is available already Here, and you can find the ebook Here if you didn’t see it before. I’ve also managed to complete the rough draft of Heaven’s Fallen. It’s at approximately 113,000 words, and I’ve commissioned artwork for the cover. […]

December 30th 2018 Update

There’s not much time left in 2018, and I don’t have a ton to update, since I’m waiting on the editor for The Obsidian Palace. That said, looking back on this year, it’s been a little insane for me. I put out Marin’s Codex, Down with the Queen, the Ancient Dreams Omnibus, The Avatar’s Flames, and Queen of Ice. If I exclude […]

December 23rd 2018 Update

I finished editing The Obsidian Palace this past week and sent it off to the editor. He’s busy (or on vacation) until January, so the book isn’t coming out early, alas. It should be out before the audiobook of Queen of Ice, as a matter of fact. Oh, and yes, Queen of Ice should be out by sometime […]

December 16th 2018 Update

Since I have several weeks before the editor can get to The Obsidian Palace, I’ve been taking the last stage of editing slow. I’m over halfway done, and expect to finish this week, even with an expected interruption tomorrow. Heaven’s Fallen is coming along slowly, as I expected it to. I’m only doing a fifth of […]