November 10th Update

All of you who bought Crisis of Faith, thank you very much! Your support is what makes it possible for me to publish as much as I do, and if you’d review the book I’d deeply appreciate it. Now, on to the progress of the past week. Queen’s Move is up to about 50,000 words and […]

October 27th 2019 Update

Queen’s Move is coming along nicely, and I currently have about 25,000 words done on it! While holidays could interfere, I’m fairly confident I’ll finish the first couple of drafts before the end of the year. I also have been working steadily on Webs & Wards, and might finish the rough draft by the end of […]

October 20th 2019 Update

This week I started writing Queen’s Move, and it’s up to a bit over 12,500 words! Not bad, considering I wasn’t sure how much writing I’d get done this week. If this keeps up, I’ll have written six or seven novels this year, which is insane to me. That’s including Webs & Wards, mind you. Other than […]

October 13th Update

This past week I didn’t get much done, primarily because I went on a vacation with my wife, who decided that Disneyland was in order. I rather thoroughly exhausted myself on the trip, and didn’t quite manage to finish reviewing Down with the Queen, which I hope to manage today or tomorrow, so I can get […]

October 6th 2019 Update

Crisis of Faith is now off to the editor, so it’s on-track for its release on November 4th! After editing it came to just over 107,000 words, and I’m rather happy with it. I’m working on figuring out a narrator at the moment, but I don’t have any news to share just yet. I’m hoping […]

September 29th 2019 Update

I have feedback from my alpha readers on Crisis of Faith, so it’s now ready for me to edit! There are a few points that are going to need more significant attention, but for the most part the book came out in good shape, so I’m looking forward to getting it edited. In regards to Queen’s Move, […]

September 22nd 2019 Update

My Alpha readers aren’t all done with Crisis of Faith, but enough of them are (and liked it!) that I decided to put up the pre-order, which is set for November 4th. One thing I’d like to note, I’m giving a slight discount on the book for the first week of its pre-order, and it’ll increase […]