April 4th 2021 Update

Queen’s Gambit is up to ~62,500 words, which makes me feel pretty good, considering how I’ve felt this past week. No, I’m not sick, just… under the weather in general. I also wrote a tiny bit on Adept of Chaos, but not very much. Even if the books aren’t as far along as I’d like, […]

March 28th 2021 Update

So, first of all, Queen’s Gambit is up to ~52,500 words. Not sure how long it’ll be, being honest… I usually don’t know at this point, though. I’ve also written a bit on Adept of Chaos, but not a whole lot. Why? That’s going to be discussed a little below. I’m cross-posting it from my […]

March 21st 2021 Update

First of all, I didn’t get much done this past week. My wife decided to take a vacation for the first time in a very long while, and I accompanied her for a few days. I also was fighting with writer’s block on Queen’s Gambit, but I think I got past it. My concern is […]

March 14th 2021 Update

Queen’s Gambit is up to ~37,500 words, a bit less than what I hoped, but I slammed headfirst into writer’s block with it on Thursday. Hopefully I’ll work through it over the next day or so, but we’ll see how that goes. Writer’s block isn’t much fun, I have to say. On the other hand, […]

March 7th 2021 Update

The release of Chosen of Chaos went pretty well, and I’m happy for the most part! There was one thing, and I think that’s that I didn’t manage expectations of the story quite right, just based on some of the reviews. Despite me being mildly concerned that the lack of an overarching plot pushing things […]