December 12th 2021 Update

I’m not going to say that I’m over my writing slump just yet, but I definitely made progress this week! I wrote ~7,500 on Soul Bound 2 from Monday-Wednesday (I believe I’m at about 32,500 words), which is back to my usual writing speed. I might have gotten more done, but my editor had an earlier opening than I expected, and I swapped to editing Talyn: Rebirth on Thursday and Friday so that I can get it done in time for the opening. I expect to be working on that through this coming Wednesday, then I’ll go back to Soul Bound 2. I’m waiting on the cover art I’ve commissioned, so the release is still somewhat up in the air… we’ll see!

I’ve got several more art pieces in-progress, though with how the world’s been, I expect them to be delayed more than I’d like. Hopefully I’ll get to share a couple before the end of the year, but we’ll see! I hope everyone is doing well, and is safe!

4 thoughts on “December 12th 2021 Update

  1. You believe that your “about , “? Well that makes me just, !

    Let me guess…your refusal to say that your over your writing slump is because you’re currently only capable of 169 out of 170 words, and that one was the unlucky one?! 😜


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