December 19th 2021 Update

Talyn: Rebirth is off to the editor, and I should have it back relatively soon. I haven’t set up the pre-order just yet, as I’m deciding when to launch it, but I will in the next few days. I’m really happy to see it coming along!

Now, the coming two weeks will be a little crazy for me, with the run-up to the holidays, but I’m going to try to get some work done on Soul Bound 2 during that period. I wouldn’t expect much of an update except for artwork next week, though. Just as a bit of forewarning in that regard.

All of that said, I do have another set of concept art of Evelyn to share, illustrated by Denny Ibnu! This piece is very close to how I imagine Evelyn, and I’ll be using it as a baseline with future cover and art pieces (one that’s in-progress didn’t use it). I hope you like it!

Happy Holidays, everyone!

11 thoughts on “December 19th 2021 Update

  1. You know, when I first read that these were pictures of “Evelyn”, I had to really think for a while to figure out who you meant. You do realize that you have TWO Elvin-Female-Lead-Characters named Evelyn, right?!? Plus I’m pretty sure there’s been other ‘Evelyn’ characters in your other stories (bet some of them were elves too)! Like that name on a pretty female elf, do you? ;P

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  2. I DO like the name quite a bit, yes. That said… I don’t remember the other Evelyn off the top of my head. I just went through the list of protagonists and major supporting characters, and aside from Evelyn Esendria Tarth, from Eve of Destruction, I’m drawing a blank. Not saying they aren’t in my books, because it’s possible, just that I don’t remember them.

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  3. You mean you’ve already forgotten all about Evelyn Whisper, the xenoarcheologist from “Second Contact”?!? Poor, poor, Evelyn, lost and forgotten by her creator…R.I.P, we will miss you!


  4. Ah, right her! I remember seeing her at one point, then decided to shrug, since I don’t think that story is ever going to continue. Since I never *published* it, I tend not to think about it.


  5. Okay, Now I’m Sad FOR REAL!!! That story was seriously awesome, and you’re telling me that you’re just going to tease us and never deliver?!? Too cruel, Medrano, too cruel!!! I mean, yeah, you’ve got a lot of stories to write, I get that…but NEVER?!? Oh well…if it must be, then it must be…


  6. It /could/ happen, but I don’t think it’s likely, in part due to design decisions I made to the universe (making huge empires makes things… problematic), but I also tried to continue it and fell flat within a few days. Couple that with the Eve of Destruction universe doing some of the concepts fairly well, and it just isn’t high on my list at this point.

    If I was going to try anyway… I’d probably just reboot it entirely and start over.


  7. I understand, and a reboot would be fine! I just liked the characters, like Evelyn’s competence in Indianan Jones style xenoarcheology and Helen’s temporally complicated situation. And her being a ‘real’ angel! Yeah, I was really looking forward to a good Indiana Jones Sci-Fi Fantasy with Angels and Temples of Doom and stuff!!! What did you like about the story?!


  8. Honestly, I really liked the characters as well, and a lot of elements of the universe (I never got to share some of the really neat elements, like the Celestial Forge that’s the heart of the hypergate network). There were three major issues that I ran into, however, which tend to blend together in some cases.

    1) Travel time was too long. This is sometimes a good thing for some stories, but was bad because it dramatically slows down the time scale, and means that any story has to be extremely localized… or the angelic hypergate network had to come online again. Not ideal.

    2) Monolithic empires are a neat idea, but they come with attendant issues that I only recently figured out how to deal with, and that’s mainly by breaking them up into much smaller chunks. The larger the empire, the harder it is for a small group to make a difference in the sort of plots I tend toward. Unless, you know, the emperor consolidates all of the power possible in his own person with no clear line of succession and gets himself killed aboard his planet-killing space station that had some glaring weaknesses.

    3) This is a more personal reason, but I’m terrible at doing timeskips. If I timeskip, I gloss over the building of any relationship between Evelyn and Helen. If I don’t timeskip, we run into the issue of monotony of them being stuck aboard a relatively small ship for years. A bit of a catch-twenty-two that I build for myself.

    But honestly, I loved the angels in power armor and the entire setup.

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