December 26th 2021 Update

To all those who celebrate it, I hope you had a Merry Christmas! I’m celebrating with my family this weekend, so I set this post up well in advance (hopefully I had a good one as well). As I expected, this past week wasn’t terribly productive. Not that I didn’t get stuff done, mind you! I spent quite a bit of time getting omnibus volumes put together for Lilith’s Shadow, and am anticipating pre-orders for early January both for them and Talyn: Rebirth any day now.

This is the final update of the year, and I think it was a good one for me, even if the pandemic has wreaked havoc with things. I’ll go over my goals for the coming year next week, though.

Finally, I have two art pieces to share! First is the second omnibus cover for Lilith’s Shadow, illustrated by Mario Wibisono. He did an excellent job, as always. Then we have a piece for Talyn: Rebirth, illustrated by Antoci Bogdan, which didn’t turn out quite how I wanted it to, but it works well enough for now. I hope you like them!

Illustrated by Mario Wibisono
by Antoci Bogdan

8 thoughts on “December 26th 2021 Update

  1. First off, I hope you had a Merry Christmas and will have a fantastic New Year’s!

    Love the pictures, but two questions I randomly thought of are eating a chunk of my memory up 😅. Does Lilith have a bellybutton? In my head, it could go either way depending on how she was created 🤔. The second is, is that omnibus cover a scene from book 3, 5, or is it just an amalgamation?

    BTW really love the black suit of armor and sword


  2. Thank you, and I hope you had a Merry Christmas as well! Hopefully the new year treats you kindly, too!

    As for the questions… yes, I think Lilith has a belly button. While it’d make sense to not be there, it /not/ being there would likely have annoyed Amber’s sense of aesthetics. Especially when she was planning on it being a replacement body. A rather glaring sign Something Is Up as well.

    The omnibus cover is intended to be from the end of book 5, with a few bits of artistic license. Having Sabra present would make the scene more accurate (as well as not having a visual sign of Lilith’s empowerment), but the goal was Lilith, Spark, and Archon. Code Black was a bit of an aside. I think it works pretty well!


  3. I bet that wasn’t something you’d have ever expected for someone to ask 😂. I feel like Amber would definitely think about it aesthetically. I feel the only people that’d have ever (would have potentially) seen it would have been Black Emerald, Circe, any hero that caught her (given her…tendencies they’d already know it was her), or any woman she slept with (and, while she’s a hedonist, she’d have mind controlled them). …Welcome to my mind 😂

    I thought that was book5, but I felt it potentially could have been book3 as DC comes on to the battlefield. Lilith has a tendency to lose her costumes 😂. Oh, BTW two more questions! 1) Are we ever going to get to see Lilith’s final costume (end of Queen’s Gambit…trying to be spoiler free for anyone that potentially hasn’t read it and wants to)? 2) We know Lilith’s normal wear, but what type of shoes does she normally wear? (I kinda feel either comfortable casual ‘running’ shoes, comfortable black wedge heels are most likely candidates)


  4. Yeah, it wasn’t something I ever considered before, but once you asked there wasn’t really a question in my mind as to the answer. You’re most likely right on who might have seen it, though.

    I mostly was trying to figure out a scene that had all three of them on the battlefield together, and there honestly aren’t many candidates for that which aren’t super-spoilery. Which leads into your questions, conveniently enough.

    1) Almost certainly, especially if I do another book (or several). When I get character concept art of Lilith done, like I did for several other characters, I intend to get her in that outfit for sure. I also intend to FINALLY correct her hair color (it’s supposed to have red highlights, not to gradually turn red toward the tips).

    2) I generally imagine her as wearing slip-on walking shoes, since I like the aesthetics of the lack of laces. That said, she’d be perfectly happy with running shoes, and short dress shoes as well (she doesn’t care for heels). She’d probably go for boots when hiking, though.


  5. Happy after Christmas and almost New Year’s!

    I see Talyn: Rebirth was put up on Amazon, so it’s now pre-ordered. Looking forward to reading yet more of your work, and hope next year treats you well!


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