2021 Goals

2020 was a heck of a year. Lots of stuff went wrong, but plenty of things went right, at least for me. However, now it’s time for me to look to the future. Here I’m going to go over some of my goals for 2021, as well as changes in plans. First of all, let […]

Marin’s Codex Art Update

At long last, I’ve gotten the art of all of the original three books of Ancient Dreams updated, as well as Marin’s Codex. The art below was painted by Hoàng Lập, and I’m really quite happy with how it turned out. While I haven’t updated the cover of the book yet, I will be doing […]

November 29th 2020 Update

Good news and bad news this week, so let’s get to it. I have Queen’s Journey up to 100,000 words and a bit extra, which isn’t quite where I wanted it for this week, but given the holiday in the United States, I’m not surprised, either. What surprised me was that I got my writing […]

November 1st 2020 Update

Queen’s Journey is up to about 52,500 words, and is going strong! I will warn that due to where things ended it might be a bit… emotional in the first parts, but hopefully it’ll calm down as things go. That said, it’s national novel-writing month, and normally I’d ignore it because I write 50,000 words […]

Dusk Gate Released

Dusk Gate is now out! I really hope those of you who read it enjoy it, and I’m hoping to have the audiobook out soon! You can find the links to the Amazon page for it and the paperback below. Dusk Gate ebook Dusk Gate paperback Also, if you read it, I’d deeply appreciate a […]