May 8th Update

Phoenix Ascendant is live! A link is in the name at the beginning of this post. I’m really excited to see what everyone thinks of how I wrap up this series, and I hope you enjoy it! As I said previously, the audiobook is with the narrator, and they’ve gotten to work on it. I’m […]

March 13th 2022 Update

Phoenix Ascendant is up to about 127,500 words! If the rest of it goes like I expect it to, I may finish it this week, which makes me rather happy. Hopefully I manage it, but we shall see! That still leaves a lot of editing, but that’s not as important as finishing the first draft. […]

February 6th 2022 Update

I didn’t get quite to what I wanted this week, but I came close! Phoenix Ascendant is up to approximately 71,000 words, and still not where I expected to be in the story. It very easily could go over the 120,000 word mark at this point, but… we’ll see what happens. I’m happy it’s making […]

January 30th 2022 Update

It’s already pretty much the end of the month. Time flies sometimes. Anyway! Phoenix Ascendant didn’t go quite as well as I’d hoped, but it’s up to about 60,000 words. I think I’m just about past the most difficult parts of the book to write, so it should speed up a little, but I can’t […]

January 23rd 2022 Update

The release of Talyn: Rebirth went reasonably well overall. Not great, but not bad either, which is about what I expected, if I’m being honest. It’s a little out of my usual wheelhouse, but that’s how it goes sometimes. Anyway, I’ve got some art to share as well as my usual update. Phoenix Ascendant is […]