Dusk Gate Released

Dusk Gate is now out! I really hope those of you who read it enjoy it, and I’m hoping to have the audiobook out soon! You can find the links to the Amazon page for it and the paperback below. Dusk Gate ebook Dusk Gate paperback Also, if you read it, I’d deeply appreciate a […]

September 20th 2020 Update

I completed Dusk Gate this past week, with about 99,000 words! It could grow or shrink in editing (usually books grow a little, as I clarify things), but the book is finished and with my Alpha Readers for feedback. Thus far their responses have been favorable, which I take as a good sign! With that […]

September 6th 2020 Update

I’m almost up to my usual writing speed, as Dusk Gate is just over 91,500 words! I’m not sure how much more is left at this point, but I’m giving even odds it breaks 100,000 words. It probably will, thinking about it, but I’m not making promises. My characters have surprised me too many times […]

August 23rd 2020 Update

Things were better this past week! I’m still not back to full form, but Dusk Gate just passed 70,000 words, which is significantly better than previous weeks. I’m still not sure how long it’ll be, so we’ll see where it ends up! I also got another art piece back that was supposed to be for […]

August 16th 2020 Update

I got Dusk Gate up to 61,000 words this past week which was… less than I’d hoped, but unsurprising considering the week didn’t go well for me as a whole. Still, I’m making progress, which is the important thing. If the desk I ordered shows up, that’d be swell. Ah, and I almost forgot! Recording of the Queen […]