January 31st 2021 Update

Tomorrow is the release date for Queen’s Journey! Here’s the Link to it on Amazon.com. I’m really looking forward to hearing what everyone thinks of it!

This week my goal is to do the last editing pass on Chosen of Chaos, then I’ll be sending it off to an editor. You can find the Pre-Order of Chosen of Chaos Here. While I’ve set the pre-order for March 8th, I expect to be able to move it forward to March 1st, but I’d rather give myself some extra time just in case. The cover art, which I will share at the bottom of this post, was created by Michal Kváč, who kindly created it for me as an interim cover while I wait for the piece I originally ordered for the book.

Now, as for what I’m working on after this… I’m honestly not quite sure yet. I did an experimental bit of writing on each major project I have in mind for this year (except for Through the Fire, because it needs Soul Bound to be complete first), and almost all of the projects except the sequel of Chosen of Chaos have the same amount of motivation behind them. I’ve started on Soul Bound 2 because of that, but we’ll see if I stick with it, or move over to Queen’s Gambit. I don’t want to commit to anything just now, but rest assured, I’m working on the stories I really want to get out. And yes, that does mean a return to Beesong Chronicles as well.

Anyway, here’s the art of Chosen of Chaos!

7 thoughts on “January 31st 2021 Update

  1. Gosh! I can’t wait until tomorrow (I mean I can but still lol). I’ve super excited to read Queen’s Journey (also can’t wait until the audiobook) and Chosen of Chaos in March. It’s nice that I’ve been on a sci-fi kick recently :)

    Is the sequel of Chosen of Chaos have less or more motivation? I’m assuming less, but, with how fast Chosen of Chaos was crafted, that could be completely wrong


  2. I love all of your books…although ancient dreams and strangely enough the beesong chronicles are my favorites. Need more Joy

    Will be buying queen’s journey tomorrow.


  3. Adept of Chaos (the sequel in question) has a lot going for it, but it doesn’t have the sheer, overwhelming drive that Chosen of Chaos had going for it (which I suspect also contributed to my near-burnout). I have a TON of plans for it, but with me having solid plots figured out for pretty much every story on my list, I suspect I’ve run into a bit of choice paralysis.


  4. Considering the series you enjoy, I have to wonder if part of it is the GameLit aspect of both series. While it isn’t as obvious in Ancient Dreams, both series were very heavily based on my D&D/Pathfinder background, plus a dash of MMOs for the latter. Beyond that, Sistina and Joy are both very unique characters. I can guarantee I’ll be back to Joy, though. In my test write of Apis & Asps, when I got to Joy, she brought a smile to my face inside two sentences. She is a /delight/ to write about (you might call it en-Joy-able).

    I hope you like Queen’s Journey!


  5. Hi. Trying to find the link to the short story you posted a while ago. Was like 5 chapters about the princess that was imprisoned by a evil guy and turned into a demon. She want to become a healer and her father wants her dead upon finding out what she became. Been a long time since I last read it.


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