Queen’s Journey Released

Queen’s Journey is now released! You can find it on Amazon in both paperback and ebook formats, and I look forward to hearing what you all think of it!

I hope that those of you who read it enjoy the book, and in either case, I’d really appreciate it if you leave a review. Have a wonderful time!

10 thoughts on “Queen’s Journey Released

  1. So I’m still reading Queen’s Journey (at about 30%, and I must say I’m loving it), but, for the love of God and all that is holy, please tell me the ending isn’t as depressing as the beginning. I was an emotional wreck last week, and I would really like to not (or at least be prepared to) cry, again.


  2. It isn’t. Promise.

    Part of the reason I ended Queen of Diamonds where I did was so that I didn’t leave readers on a depressing note like all of that… it’s a mess. If anything (if you’ve read it) the ending of the book is closer to like the end of The Obsidian Palace.


  3. Thank goodness lol. I have read The Obsidian Palace, and I remember that ending well. It’s why I want to see a book 4 (which you’ve now confirmed). *yay*

    I definitely agree with your decision to have ended Queen of Diamonds where you did. The people that were complaining about the “abrupt” ending, obviously weren’t thinking about the upcoming events. I would say more, but I won’t as it would verge into spoilers (which I refuse to do)

    That’s all, and I hope you are having a successful week!


  4. One of the Alpha readers compared the ending to The Obsidian Palace, something which I hadn’t considered until they brought it up, but I don’t disagree! For a sequel there, I /definitely/ have to finish Soul Bound first, though… them being in the same world (and same timeline) complicates things.

    As for where the previous book ended… yeah, I honestly don’t blame anyone who felt it was cut short. At the same time, I also don’t agree with them. It’s an odd balancing act, where I can acknowledge the disagreements of fans with my choices, while still believing what I did was correct (sometimes I regret my decisions, mind you). But yeah, it’s a complicated book. I really enjoyed large aspects of Queen’s Journey. My favorite scene is a certain holiday party (and I won’t say more than that).

    I’m doing well, though! I have a hard deadline on my final edit for Chosen of Chaos of Saturday, so I’m reading it aloud this week. Multiple hours of talking, whee!


  5. Finished Queen’s Journey, and I loved it (though I feel personally called out πŸ˜‘)! It’s like you’ve put me in book form (probably why I love her and this series so much). I, simultaneously, can and can’t wait until Queen’s Gambit.

    And word of warning, be very careful with the potential love situation. It’ll be very easy to make her feel OOC (but I’m sure you’ll manage it quite well)


  6. Sorry if you feel called out! I just wrote Lilith as best I could.

    As for relationships in the future… it’s going to be messy. I have no clue how it’ll end up going, really… maybe Lilith will run away. That IS an option…


  7. Huh! Hadn’t thought of that. πŸ€” That certainly would be a valid one though. I fully understand not having an idea yet though. Characters have their own will and life to them. If you don’t listen, it’ll show through. (Plus, even if you did, you wouldn’t want to ruin it)

    As to being called out. You’ve written her well. It’s just the price to having such a similar personality and issues. It doesn’t really bother me (more amuses me lol). This is what I’ve told my friends, “the biggest difference is that people actually want to be in a romantic relationship with her.” πŸ˜…

    Anyways, sorry for bothering you. Hope you’ve got Chosen of Chaos final edit, ready! See you!


  8. Yeah, the characters are not only their own people, but each of them has their own desires. It was something I went over in the Discord server a bit, talking about the potential suitors and issues. Lots to unpack there…

    I’m glad you enjoyed the book, though! Hopefully Queen’s Gambit satisfies when I get it out. As for Chosen of Chaos, I just finished editing for the day. Less because I wanted to, and more because my throat had had enough, but that’s how it goes. Should finish tomorrow, I think.


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