Broken Chains

This story was originally a four-part short story that I wrote on a whim in late 2017, one which I later felt would be almost ideal as the opening to a full novel. I later decided to add another part, and when it threatened to turn into a novel I stopped, choosing to leave it to be a later project.

Now? Now I’ve decided to share that original short story. If (when?) I choose to turn Broken Chains into a full novel, these chapters will be altered greatly, for they sacrificed much in the way of details in order to move the story forward. I hope you enjoy it.


Andrea Esren was once a princess, then she was kidnapped by the Court Mage of her kingdom. In five years, ever attempt to rescue her has failed, and she has been changed greatly. But now, even as she’s lost hope of her freedom, the chains of bondage that have bound her are broken, and Andrea finds that freedom is not always what it seems.

2 thoughts on “Broken Chains

  1. If anything, Emonael would be the inspiration, because she pre-dated Spells of Old by… 5 years? But honestly, I don’t see them as being very similar, due to a lot of background.


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