August 16th 2020 Update

I got Dusk Gate up to 61,000 words this past week which was… less than I’d hoped, but unsurprising considering the week didn’t go well for me as a whole. Still, I’m making progress, which is the important thing. If the desk I ordered shows up, that’d be swell.

Ah, and I almost forgot! Recording of the Queen of Diamonds audiobook is complete, and we’re now waiting on Audible to approve it. I have no clue when that’ll happen, but know that it should be out relatively soon! Hopefully this month, but I can’t guarantee anything.

Either way, I do have some more news! After months of dawdling, I decided that the only way to get me to work more heavily on the Stars & Shadows World Anvil stuff was to make it public and give me a reason to get off my arse. As such, the link is below. I should note that every article I’ve created is currently public, though some secrets of certain characters are hidden from view. There are an awful lot of articles with no detail to them, but I’m trying to work my way through them bit by bit. Then I can worry about all the characters I’ve missed for it.

In addition to all of this, I commissioned a piece that I may be using for a Mantles of Power omnibus. I’m not certain at this point, but we’ll see how that goes. The artist is Shizen1102, and the piece is at the end of this post.

As a final bit of news, I’m not sure I’m going to manage to get out the second editions of the original Ancient Dreams trilogy this month. It’s mostly because this month has been exhausting so far, and they’re honestly a tertiary concern at the moment. I want to get them out soon, though.

Thank you so much for your support, everyone.

Roselynn Small

2 thoughts on “August 16th 2020 Update

  1. I’ve left the original Ancient Dreams trilogy close to how it released for quite some time due to wanting it to match the audiobooks. With the new art, and it having been a few years, I’ve been thinking to release a new ‘printing’ of the books, which would update a lot of the content to match the Omnibus.

    It won’t be a huge change, but I’m also planning to update the paperbacks to be the same size as books I’ve published since then as well (5.5 x 8.5 inches, rather than 5 x 8 inches. The former is closer to a ‘standard’ size, which I didn’t know when I published Ancient Ruins.)


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