June 28th 2020 Update

This past week I finished editing Hives & Heroism. It’s about 102,000 words before my editor tears into it, so I’m pretty happy with the length overall. At this point it’s just a question of when it gets done, but I set the pre-order for August 10th because that’s after the latest deadline it should go […]

Queen’s Move Audiobook Release!

This was a bit of a shock for me, since Audible got Queen’s Move through the approval process in only a week! Sarah Goer returned for this, and has started on Queen of Diamonds as well! If you decide to get it, I hope you enjoy the book! Queen’s Move on Amazon.com Queen’s Move on Audible.com

June 21st Update

I didn’t get the pre-order for Hives & Heroism set up this week, mostly because I got distracted with my side projects. I’ve done some of the prep work now, though, so I should have it up today or tomorrow, with any luck. I expect to be editing it for much of this next week, possibly […]

Webs & Wards Audio Release

Better news than yesterday, the audiobook of Webs & Wards is out at last! As per normal, iTunes is lagging behind, but here are the links to Amazon and Audible! Amazon.com Audible.com I’ve also received word from Sarah Goer, the narrator of Born a Queen and Down with the Queen, that she had space open up, so she’ll […]

April 19th 2020 Update

Good news, great news and bad news! First of all, the good news! The audiobook of Webs & Wards has finally been approved and is heading to retail in the stores. I’ll send out an email about the release as soon as it goes live, which hopefully will be this week. The great news and bad […]