December 20th 2020 Update

As I said this last week, Queen’s Journey is finished, and now that I’ve received feedback from several of my Alpha readers I’ll be starting on my second editing pass tomorrow. I fully expect that to take much of the week, and into next week. With it at this stage, I contacted the editor I’m […]

December 6th 2020 Update

Queen’s Journey is up to just over 110,000 words, and entering the final stages. I think I’ll finish the rough draft this week, but no promises. I won’t know until it’s completed, after all! I also did a test run with another editor which went well, so I should have it out in January, unless […]

Hives & Heroism Audiobook Released

Hives & Heroism is released! Finally. It took Audible a ridiculously long time to get this out, and I’m not waiting on them for the audiobook of Dusk Gate. Anyway, here are the links below! The audiobook will also be coming out on other audiobook providers in coming weeks.

November 29th 2020 Update

Good news and bad news this week, so let’s get to it. I have Queen’s Journey up to 100,000 words and a bit extra, which isn’t quite where I wanted it for this week, but given the holiday in the United States, I’m not surprised, either. What surprised me was that I got my writing […]