Queen’s Journey Audiobook Update

I forgot to include this in yesterday’s blog post, so instead I’m putting it up today. First and foremost, the audiobook is complete. Sarah Goer got the audio done last week, and it has entered Audible’s quality control process. Unfortunately, this process can, in my experience, take anywhere from two weeks to three months to […]

March 7th 2021 Update

The release of Chosen of Chaos went pretty well, and I’m happy for the most part! There was one thing, and I think that’s that I didn’t manage expectations of the story quite right, just based on some of the reviews. Despite me being mildly concerned that the lack of an overarching plot pushing things […]

December 20th 2020 Update

As I said this last week, Queen’s Journey is finished, and now that I’ve received feedback from several of my Alpha readers I’ll be starting on my second editing pass tomorrow. I fully expect that to take much of the week, and into next week. With it at this stage, I contacted the editor I’m […]

December 6th 2020 Update

Queen’s Journey is up to just over 110,000 words, and entering the final stages. I think I’ll finish the rough draft this week, but no promises. I won’t know until it’s completed, after all! I also did a test run with another editor which went well, so I should have it out in January, unless […]