May 19th 2019 Update

Hell’s Ascendant is up to ~45,000 words, and coming along well. I’m unsure of the exact length it’ll be, but it might be shorter than the other books, as I tend not to want to draw out action scenes. Overall I’m in good spirits regarding it, and the art for the cover is coming along nicely! […]

April 28th 2019 Update

Mortal Gods is at the editor, and as soon as I get it back it’s going to the narrator to be turned into an audiobook, so it’ll be ready for the July release date easily. I’ve also begun Hell’s Ascendant, and it’s at about 7,500 words. I’ll be honest, this one makes me nervous… the sheer scale […]

April 21st 2019 Update

First off, I’m happy with how the release of Heaven’s Fallen has gone, and even if it’s not doing the best of my books, it’s doing rather well! Everyone who purchased it, thank you very much, I deeply appreciate it, and if you’d consider leaving a review, I’d deeply appreciate it. In further news, I should finish the […]

March 31st 2019 Update, Audiobook!

I finished the rough draft of Mortal Gods and began the first edit, which is primarily for continuity, but also to flesh out some aspects of the story. It finished at just over 119,000 words, but has now reached 125,000. The story is coming along well, and I’ve very much enjoying writing it. In other […]

Convention & Touching Divinity Audiobook

Hey everyone! So, the reason I was gone most of this week was for a private writing convention, where I had a presentation on Fantasy & Science Fiction Genres. I didn’t tell anyone beforehand because of it being private and everything. However, it went great, and I got a lot of good advice that I […]

March 3rd 2019 Update

Mortal Gods is at about 90,000 words, and entering the ending phases of the book. I’m not sure how many more words it’ll be, but I’m confident it’ll break 100,000, possibly by a fair amount. I’ll find out when I get there! Touching Divinity is scheduled on all fronts, including in audio, and as such […]

February 17th 2019 Update

Mortal Gods is at just over 55,000 words, as I’ve been able to focus far more easily on it the past week. I know that Heaven’s Fallen isn’t out yet, but I’m highly confident that I’ll have a release date for Mortal Gods when it comes out. For Heaven’s Fallen, I’m currently expecting to release it on April […]