July 24th 2022 Update

Mistress of Chaos is up to about 122,500 words, and I’m in the final stages of the book. I think I can finish it this coming week, but time will tell. I’ve delayed on working on Embers of War while trying to get back into the swing of things, but as it’s a secondary project, […]

June 19th 2022 Update

This week didn’t go so well, I’m afraid. I got a single day of writing in, but I pushed myself to do even that. I decided to take the rest of the week off to try and recover and hopefully be in good enough shape to write this coming week. I do feel better, so […]

May 29th 2022 Update

Mistress of Chaos is up to ~60,000 words, which means it’s doing quite well overall. It’s longer than I expected it to be when I got to this point, but that’s sort of how it goes! I think it’s going to be enjoyable, but I’m really, really hoping it doesn’t push to the same length […]

Lilith’s Shadow Omnibi Audio Release

The audiobooks of the Lilith’s Shadow omnibi have been released! Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to be live on iTunes yet, but I can’t do anything but wait in that regard. I haven’t changed anything in the content of the audiobooks, other than doing a new foreword and afterward that matches the ebook collections, so if […]