August 4th 2019 Update

Hello everyone! So, my vacation is now over, so it’s time for me to get back to work! Though to tell the truth, I honestly didn’t do that much vacationing… I spent a lot of time writing, in fact. My wife has threatened to take me on a real vacation later this year, and I’m acquiescing, of course.

Now, on to actual updates! First off, Hell’s Ascendant is on-schedule for release on September 2nd. I have a few things I have to line up, but they’re purely on my end at this point, so if I don’t have it ready, it’s my own fault. Tomorrow I’m going to re-read what I have of Crisis of Faith from the beginning and get going on the story again, and since I have an appointment with the editor for late October, I don’t have time to dilly-dally with it. I’m expecting to have it available sometime in November, even if I’ll admit that it’s a slightly ambitious schedule.

After I finish Crisis of Faith, my next mainline project is going to be Queen’s Move, the next book of Lilith’s Shadow. And yes, I said mainline for a reason. See, I’ve finished my side project, Sting & Song, and I’m working on editing it on the side. It’s not as long as most of my stories, only ~78,000 words, but I rather enjoy it. I do not have a release date for it, since I didn’t have an editing date for it until quite recently, but you’ll hear more about it in the future.

On a slightly different subject, I want to remind everyone that the audiobook Hell’s Ascendant will not be out until December at the earliest, and possibly not until January, depending on when the approval happens. However, with Sarah Goer being booked so heavily, I’m currently looking at the possibility of contacting other narrators. Now, since I don’t listen to audiobooks, by and large, I’d love it if any of you would tell me who your favorite narrators are, so I could see if I can find a good one.

Finally, I have one other thing to share. My Patrons on Patreon funded art of another character this month, and I commissioned two pieces, one of Korima from Through the Fire, and the runner up in their votes was Roselynn from Mantles of Power. I found a relatively inexpensive artist who goes by Dhamca, who did the following piece of Roselynn. You’ll have to wait on the piece of Korima, as it’s going to take a while longer!

Rose LR by Dhamca

4 thoughts on “August 4th 2019 Update

  1. Tess Irondale is really good, but probably really busy as well though it never hurts to ask :D .
    Andrea Parsneau is another very good narrator, again probably busy, though worth the wait as well.
    Emily Beresford also worth a listen, shes great :D
    Jessica Threet has a really sexy voice when she uses it that way :)

    Okay, think I’m done now, those are my faves but there are so many amazing voices out there it’s really hard to pick just one and say s/he is it for me.


  2. *adds them to the list of possibilities* Honestly, thank you for the suggestions! My problem is that I hate listening to audio (I read fast, and I’m usually like ‘get on with it!’), so I have no clue what narrators work the best.


  3. Betsy Zajko; Abby Crayden; Reba Buhr; Angela Dawe; Faith Clark; Melissa Sternenberg

    From the assortment of audiobooks that I really enjoy listening to (for more reasons than purely the story).


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