July 28th 2019 Update

This past week was part of my vacation again, and I’m finding it increasingly difficult not to just dive into writing another book. My wife is threatening to take me on a real vacation later this year because of it, so that may happen.

Still, Hell’s Ascendant is at the editor, and before too long I expect to get it back. That’ll give plenty of time to go over it with a fine-toothed comb before it’s time to release. I’m looking forward to getting it out there, even if the audiobook is going to take a while longer!

I will say that my current plan is to finish Crisis of Faith before moving on to Queen’s Move, the planned title of book 3 of Lilith’s Shadow. My wife went over the overarching outline of books 3-6 of Lilith’s Shadow for me (a very rough outline, 2 pages tops), and she likes how it looks. Now, that isn’t to say things will go as planned. Originally I was planning on a bunch of events for a third book beyond Down with the Queen that ended up getting removed as elements merged into that novel, which is why the current arc ended up being two books rather than three.

In any case, after Hell’s Ascendant you can anticipate my next novel coming out in November or December, as that’s when I can guarantee the next book being edited by.

That’s it for today, but next week I’ll share a piece of art that was funded by my Patrons!

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