August 11th 2019 Update

Monday started slow, as I spent pretty much the entire day reading and editing what I had of Crisis of Faith, so I didn’t get much done initially. Still, I started with 30,000 words on the project, and ended the week with 42,500 words. That being the case, I’m quite happy with how the week went!

In other news, no sooner did I say that I didn’t have high hopes about getting Sting & Song out early than an opening at the beginning of October opened up. That being the case, I’ve put up a pre-order for the book! It’ll be coming out October 21st, just so you’re aware. I’ll try to find a narrator to work on it before then, but no promises.

Order Sting & Song Here!

Of course, there’s still Hell’s Ascendant before that, then Crisis of Faith, likely in November to December. It’s going to be a busy fall and winter for me, but I’m looking forward to getting the books out there!

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