March 17th 2019 Update

Hello everyone! As mentioned on Friday, I was out of town at a convention this past week. Due to this, I’ve made no further progress on Mortal Gods, and I may not make much more progress this coming week. The reason for this is because I need to do a final editing pass on Heaven’s Fallen before […]

Early Release (January 14th)

So, good news! My editor got The Obsidian Palace back to me a full week earlier than I expected. Since that’s the case, I’m moving the release date forward to January 14th instead of January 21st. I’m just glad I can get it out there sooner rather than later, because I’ve been wanting to release it […]

Calendar of Senkar

On Sunday I mentioned that I was going to go over the calendar of Through the Fire, and possibly some other stuff. I’m going to start with the calendar, and we’ll see where things go from there. In the world of Senkar, the months are based on a lunar calendar, one similar to our own, but […]

TAF Audio, TOP Pre-Order, & Art

So, things have been happening, and stuff has been coming in! I’ve uploaded the final version of Queen of Ice for Monday’s release, and I’ve also been getting the paperback ready for publication. As an aside, which I’ll reiterate on Monday, Amazon has changed their print-on-demand software, so the spine font is likely going to be […]

August 5th 2018 Update

So, with The Avatar’s Flames just over 2 weeks out, I’ve been working on the second book of the trilogy, Queen of Ice. It’s up to 15,000 words, or call it 15% of the way complete at a guess. I’d say I’m skeptical of it getting to that length, but I’ve learned that I’m terrible at figuring out […]

July 22 2018 Update

I’ve finished the second full edit of The Avatar’s Flames, and now I’m just waiting for the editor’s scheduled opening. I think the book turned out well overall, now I just need to see if everyone else agrees! This coming week, I intend to first finish the short story set in Lilith’s Shadow that I started last […]

Lilith’s Shadow on More Stores

So, as I told people before, I’ve released Born a Queen and Down with the Queen on other storefronts. Below I have two ‘universal’ links that allow you to choose which store to go to after clicking them, and I’m using these for every store but Amazon in the future. Born a Queen Down with the Queen […]