March 21st 2021 Update

First of all, I didn’t get much done this past week. My wife decided to take a vacation for the first time in a very long while, and I accompanied her for a few days. I also was fighting with writer’s block on Queen’s Gambit, but I think I got past it. My concern is that it’s only at about 40,000 words so far, and I’m not sure how long it’ll end up. I usually end up going far longer than I expect, though, so… we’ll see! I also got some work done on Adept of Chaos, but not an amazing amount. It’s coming along more easily than Queen’s Gambit, but I also started it later.

In other news, I have a story about The End Times of the Ancient Dreams world to share! I’ve had this in mind for ages, and I shared it with both my Patreon members and my Newsletter over the last couple of weeks, but you can now find it Here. I’ll be blunt, I’ve had the approximate situation in mind since I finished Halls of Power, so it was mostly a matter of writing down the particulars. Lots of things are glossed over, so… I hope you enjoy it!

Anyway, that’s it for this week! I hope everyone has a good time and stays healthy!

3 thoughts on “March 21st 2021 Update

  1. Someone’s been a very busy tree… along with someone being a very busy goddess. Glad to hear you got a bit past your block, hopefully you’ll get more inspiration as you go. Good on your wife for taking some time off, it’s important to step aside for a bit and do other things for enjoyment.

    That ending really needs to be published though… maybe if you ever go back to that world for a sequel/side story?


  2. The biggest problem is that I have too many ideas clamoring to be written. I have the vague outline of a story for Sistina and Phynis’s daughter, but it hasn’t tipped over the threshold from ‘neat idea’ to ‘must be written’ yet, unlike a bunch of others. I have considered the possibility of an anthology, though. I’ve got two stories I can think of for it, Emonael’s Vengeance and The End of Time. I’d need more before publishing anything, though.


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