July 22 2018 Update

I’ve finished the second full edit of The Avatar’s Flames, and now I’m just waiting for the editor’s scheduled opening. I think the book turned out well overall, now I just need to see if everyone else agrees!

This coming week, I intend to first finish the short story set in Lilith’s Shadow that I started last week, then I’m going to go ahead and get started on book two of Through the Fire, titled Queen of Ice. Hopefully I can get far enough in a bit less than a month that I’m comfortable getting it up for pre-order, but I’m sure not holding my breath on that!

Now, I’ve mentioned another art piece that I commissioned for Broken Chains, and I’ll admit I’m a little puzzled because the artist still hasn’t put it up on his web pages as of this writing. As I prefer to let the artist put it up first, I’ve waited to share it… but I’m impatient. Vezonia specializes in darker themes, and I debated on what characters to get art for before deciding on Andrea Esren of Broken Chains, since I was fairly certain that one day I’ll be writing a full novel about her.

Broken Chains Cover LR

I want to make perfectly clear, the project of turning this into an actual novel is not currently happening. I’m not certain what novel I’m working on after Through the Fire, and am debating between Ashes of TimeBroken Chains, and the next story arc of Lilith’s Shadow (listed alphabetically, not in order of preference). There’s also a couple of thoughts about more in the world of Ancient Dreams, like Tyria’s church, but those ideas haven’t come together fully yet.

Anyway, I’m going to shut up now. I’ve put up a page for the short story of Broken Chains, with each part having its own page. I hope those of you who haven’t read it enjoy the story!


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