Lilith’s Shadow on More Stores

So, as I told people before, I’ve released Born a Queen and Down with the Queen on other storefronts. Below I have two ‘universal’ links that allow you to choose which store to go to after clicking them, and I’m using these for every store but Amazon in the future.

In other news, I’ve started a short story set after Down with the Queen, which I intend to have cover some of the events that are between Down with the Queen and whatever I end up naming the next book in the Lilith’s Shadow series. I will state this primarily involves Blooming Orchid, but I’m not saying more than that right now.

I’ve also received an art piece for the older short story that I mentioned, Broken Chains, but as the artist hasn’t posted it on his sites yet, I’m waiting to share it until later. I hope everyone is doing well this week!

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