February 19th 2023 Update

The first draft of Dawn of Chaos is complete, and I’m waiting on my alpha team to go over it before starting on my next editing pass. The book is currently about 130,000 words, more with frontmatter and backmatter. Due to some difficulties on my editor’s side I’m not setting up a pre-order just yet, but work on a cover has begun.

In slightly different news, the audiobook of Talyn: Descent is up for pre-order! It’ll be available on March 21st, and I’m looking forward to the release!

In different news, I’ve gotten art back from a pair of artists. First we have Kari’Torath, by Denny Ibnu. You may recall seeing her in Talyn’s Saga, going by the name Kari. This is her when fulfilling her duty as the Ender of Worlds, ending a universe as she cradles the soul of her last priestess.

By Denny Ibnu

Next we have art that I’ve commissioned from Crystal Rain for a Super Secret Project. More seriously, it’s for a project I’m not sure I’m going to finish, but since I love elves, I’m sure I can find homes for them in other series if I need to. I’m currently calling them, from left to right, the Solar Elf, Eclipse Elf, and Lunar Elf. There’s also going to be a Star Elf, but that one is in-progress.

By Crystal Rain

That’s it for this week. I hope everyone liked the art, and is doing well!

2 thoughts on “February 19th 2023 Update

  1. This is awesome artwork, also, burned through the alpha in about 2 hours, loved it. Will probably grab the patreon early version when you release it and reread it.

    Liked by 1 person

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