February 26th 2023 Update

Alright, this past week I took some time off to rest and recover. My alpha team has been going over Dawn of Chaos, and some things definitely need to be adjusted, but nothing feels too huge as of yet. I’ll be starting the final edit this week, and hopefully have the book off to my editor next Monday. I’m not going to say what’s going on as that’s private, but I should be able to get it published by around April 3rd. I’m waiting on art from Mario Wibisono, which is in-progress, and still need to figure out a description of the book. It’s gonna be insane.

Anyway, that’s the plan for the week! I expect to start on Talyn: Unyielding the following week. Anyway, I hope you have an excellent week ahead of you!

One thought on “February 26th 2023 Update

  1. Just finished the ancient dream series for the second time plus Marians Codex. Would love to see more of these characters in another book or two. All the best.

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