May 29th 2022 Update

Mistress of Chaos is up to ~60,000 words, which means it’s doing quite well overall. It’s longer than I expected it to be when I got to this point, but that’s sort of how it goes! I think it’s going to be enjoyable, but I’m really, really hoping it doesn’t push to the same length as Adept of Chaos. That was incredibly exhausting for me, and screwed up my hope-for scheduling. We shall see!

On the other end of things, Embers of War has slowed down a bit and is at ~77,500 words. It seems that writing two novels at full speed simultaneously is simply not doable for me long-term. Hopefully I’ll finish it and get it out, but… that’s sort of the way it goes.

As a secondary note, I was informed that Tess Irondale was cast as the narrator of Talyn: Rebirth, which is a good part of why it’s taking so long for the audiobook to come out. I’m really excited by that, since I’ve heard she’s an amazing narrator, and am expecting it to be out in August or September. After a good deal of running the numbers and poking my muse for her opinion, I’m pretty sure that I’ll be working on Talyn’s Saga after finishing Mistress of Chaos. Alas, Ruethwyn will have to wait a bit longer.

4 thoughts on “May 29th 2022 Update

  1. Thanks for the updates. This weeks post answered my question regarding Tayla’s story. I had just finished re-reading the book recently and wondered if it would be continuing


  2. Honestly, the biggest thing keeping most of my series from continuing is that I can only write so much in a day, or at a time. I’d say that everything but Soul Bound, Ancient Dreams, and Touching Divinity have the potential to continue.

    Alas, my muse keeps coming up with new stories, so… it makes life difficult for me.


  3. So ano Ancient Dreams in the foreseeable future?
    Maybe you should concentrate on one or two series and finish them before starting any new ones.
    I personally don’t like it to have a long pause in between books of the same series. This is especially frustrating knowing that the author is writing other stuff that maybe even something I don’t like. The last part is of course my problem.
    I know of course that you are still human and not a robot. You can only write if you have enough ideas for a book, you could say your muse is very active towards a specific series.

    Still I do like much of your work and am awaiting Mistress of Chaos.


  4. Ancient Dreams is unlikely to happen at any point that I can foresee, alas. As far as I’m concerned, the story is complete. Crisis of Faith was an extended epilogue for me, to deal with what happened with Tyria’s church, even if other potential plot elements showed up. That’s… really all there is to it.

    As for the rest… I’ve been trying to complete series. That’s why I wrote Phoenix Ascendant, honestly, despite the fact it wasn’t really the series I was most excited for. I wanted to give people closure with it, and had enough enthusiasm to finish it, but it wasn’t easy.

    Sadly, if I tried to focus solely on a single series long-term, I’m pretty sure that I’d just stop writing entirely. My mind doesn’t work that way. In any case, I’m certainly trying to write the books, and to complete major story arcs.

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